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The Hunt for a Man Leaves Women Too Low

By Mohamad Al-Oraybi LAU Tribune staff They say there are seven women for every man in Lebanon. And there is probably one gay man in every group of ten men. That leaves every 70 women with 9 single men. The number is scary and the competition is even scarier. In a country like Lebanon where … Continue reading

Lina Khoury: The Actress, Director and Entrepreneur

By Mohamad Al Oraybi LAU Tribune staff Lina Khoury rolls her cigarette and enjoys a cup of coffee before her class. She walks from the gate to Nicol Hall with her curly hair moving with the breeze. She was once an LAU student and today walks on the same campus as an instructor, teaching Art … Continue reading

Matteo El-Khodr: A Rare Male Voice

By Mohamad Al-Oraybi LAU Tribune staff Matteo El-Khodr is always dressed in the finest attire and happily signing autographs in the busy streets of Paris. Apart from his infamous Berkin bag and striking black eye liner, he carries a priceless countertenor voice allowing him to sing the highest pitch in a man’s vocal capacity. His … Continue reading

Student Film Festival

By Mohamad Yahia Hamade LAU Tribune staff Perso, a film by Brahim Badran, won the first price during the student film festival on the LAU Beirut campus on May 18. The event at the Irwin Hall auditorium was organized by Ramez Maluf’s public relations class. Perso’s plot revolves around a troubled man who is haunted … Continue reading

Photos by Mohamad Yahia Hamade: Painting with Light

Photos by Mohamad Yahia Hamade: Painting with Light. Check them out here. Or watch them in a slide show here:

Green Architecture Spreads from AUB

By Mohamad Yahia Hamade LAU Tribune staff Edouard François graced the full-house at the Charles Hostler Student Center Auditorium with his ideas on the relationship of landscape and conserving history. He advised future architects to see the building in relation with the landscape. An important factor for that is to have the building “invisible” while … Continue reading

Neurons Crackle on Campus

By Mohamad Yahia Hamade LAU Tribune staff Jamie’s heart thundered in her chest and drowned out every noise as she got up from her desk and faced her class. She was scheduled to present a topic about nutrition and she was well-prepared, having practiced for countless minutes. But when the moment arrived and she faced … Continue reading

Beirut, I Lo(ve)athe You

Mohamad Yahia Hamade LAU Tribune staff I was born in the wrong era. I long for the pearl of the Mediterranean that was Beirut. I miss her blinding lights, the warm summer nights, the immaculate architecture and walking in the rain along cerulean shores. All were once upon a time the makings of a fairytale … Continue reading

Put Down your Blackberry for a Minute and Read This

Mohamad Yahia Hamade LAU Tribune staff We take life for granted. We talk about killing time while doing unproductive things for fun, as time slowly catches up on us. Years pass by and we barely notice anymore. It’s a new decade, and not much has changed –except for the rifts between people getting wider. We’ve … Continue reading

Fleeting Worship

Mohamad Yahia Hamade LAU Tribune staff Agitated and tangled during his hectic day, Tarek, a student at LAU, heads to an empty classroom to perform his daily prayer. “I try my best to pray on time and on campus because I have a very heavy course load,” he said. “I usually perform ablution in the … Continue reading

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