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Domestic violence

By Samia Buhulaiyem LAU Tribune staff Domestic violence is a serious problem that includes any pattern of abusive behavior against one’s spouse or against his or her children. Domestic violence exists in all cultures, social classes, age groups, ethnic, and religious groups. Any woman, man, and child may experience domestic violence at one point of … Continue reading

“Perfect” Parents

By Omar El-Tani LAU Tribune staff After taking environmental science at LAU I learned that at the moment us humans are too greedy for one planet, we use consume more than is bestowed on us. We need one earth and a half to sustain us, and the cherry to top it is that last year … Continue reading

Leaders Running Out of Time, People Running Out of Money

By Ibrahim Halawi Special for LAU Tribune While I try to sort out my thoughts for an unsorted situation, I see the so-called “lost generation” -unemployed and frustrated- occupy the streets of Athens, Rome, Los Angeles, Washington, New York, and Portland violently shut down by thousands of riot police. It is as historical as it … Continue reading

Of Tablets and Laptops

By Zahi Sahli, LAU Tribune contributor. The fact that 82 percent of tech geeks primarily use their tab- lets at home underlines the significance of this device as a revolutionary modern invention. According to a March 2011 survey by Google’s AdMob, tablets have entirely dominated the technological market since the release of the Apple’s iPad. This information … Continue reading

MCF: The May Chidiac Foudation for Media Studies

By Diaa Aljurdy LAU Tribune staff Famous Lebanese journalist May Chidiac introduced the May Chidiac Foundation (MCF) to enthusiastic journalism and radio/TV/film majors during a lecture at LAU’s on March 22. “The media became a tool for many, but it is a science after all,” Chidiac said. She added that there is a difference between … Continue reading

Social Media and Change

Lama Al-Haqhaq LAU Tribune staff “Eleven rubber bullets extracted from our cameraman, including one in his forehead. Poor Bilal put his life on the line to give us great footage,” Lara El Gibaly, a journalist working in Cairo for Al-Jazeera English, wrote on her Facebook status on January 26th 2011. “Thanks, Bilal, and thanks to … Continue reading

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