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Little Philippines in Hamra

By Iman Soufan LAU Tribune staff Walking up the narrow street, with a far-distanced view of a quaint church in the foreground, I was one of the few non-Asian women making their way towards the Catholic Church. The church is situated in Hamra, one of Beirut’s busiest areas. This small yet bustling side street is … Continue reading

Cafe Younes: A Bohemian Spin on a Hamra Classic

By Omar El-Tani LAU Tribune staff It was a sunny day but a cool breeze leveled the heat. People chirped, while music played softly in the background. Bohemians swarmed the shop, blending in with the conventional types. Situated in Hamra near Commodore Hotel, Café Younès is a coffee shop usually associated with intellectuals, artists and … Continue reading

Makdessi Mayhem

By Natalia Elmani LAU Tribune staff With broken beer bottles, small bands conjoining on the side street corners, splattered remains from too much to drink and the occasional weekend fight, Makdessi street in Hamra is making a name for itself. Famous for its increasing growth in pubs and lounges, it is also well-known now for … Continue reading

Coloring Hamra

By Farrah Berrou LAU Tribune contributor Six colorful benches were recently added to the beloved Hamra street, thanks to a sponsored follow-up project connected with the Hamra Street Festival, Maraya 2011. Not only did the people of the neighborhood gain the luxury of sitting on a bench for a breather on an idle Tuesday afternoon, … Continue reading

Sporting Gym Wear on Campus

By Lama Al-Haqhaq LAU Tribune staff Badr Qaddah, a political science student, walked into university dressed in baggy Nike pants with matching Nike shoes. His friends were dressed the same, some in gym shorts, others in hooded sweaters. Together, they looked like a sports team in motion. In fact, none of planned to hit the … Continue reading

Expensive apartment rents in Hamra

Iman Soufan LAU Tribune contributor When Ruba Abu-Shanab, a Jordanian living in Kuwait, first moved to Lebanon to study at LAU in 2006, she paid 1,200 dollars for a one-bedroom studio in Siran Towers. Now, in 2011, she lives in the exact same studio but spends a monthly 1,800 dollars on rent. With the sky-high … Continue reading

Street of the Week,Hamra by Night: the New Gemmayze

By Lama Al-Haqhaq LAU Tribune staff On the outskirts of main street Hamra, Neighbors pub welcomes anyone and everyone who happens to pass by. On Saturday night, 8:30 p.m. is typically early for nightlife to begin, yet Neighbors’ happy-hour lures in customers. The red and black stools and couches are filled with people enjoying their … Continue reading

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