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Ken and his Barbies

Tala El-Riz LAU Tribune staff Ken arrives and she runs off to alert her friends of his presence. He’s dressed in a perfectly ironed pink chemise, paired with perfectly squared trousers and matching grey moccasins. The elegant Ken walks into LAU and the girls are never the same.  One asks her friend: “Do I look … Continue reading

The Truth about Muscles

By Tala El Riz LAU Tribune staff A month ago, the young LAU student looked like Tintin, the famous skinny detective, but today, he’s Johnny Bravo’s twin brother. Sitting on the bench in front of him, a young woman admired his biceps and the enormous, confident laugh on his face. “What’s the reason for this … Continue reading

A Statement of Faith, a Statement of Fashion

By Tala El-Riz LAU Tribune staff It’s dark, perfectly shaped, and it gives him a sharp edge to his look. He says he can’t go on without it for it completes his physical appearance. Hady H., a computer science major at LAU, explained why the beard is essential to him. “The beard according to me … Continue reading

Lebanese vs. International Designers

By Tala El Riz LAU Tribune staff Rim Bazzi, a business student at LAU, carries around a flashy pink bag as she rushes around campus. Although it recalls the elegance of Chanel, the small piece of luggage carries the name of Sandra Jaffal, an increasingly famous Lebanese designer. “Instead of buying [Chanel], I encourage our … Continue reading

Blogging Lebanon

By Tala El Riz LAU Tribune staff The American University of Beirut’s Online Collaborative (AUBOC) put together Lebanon’s first blogging convention in December. The event attracted 150 people, including guest speakers, Lebanese and Arab bloggers, students, professors, journalists and regular people who are just interested in blogging. Mohammad Shawash, a designer that flew in from … Continue reading

LAU Student Tanya Khalil: Design with an Attitude

By Tala El Riz LAU Tribune staff Tanya Khalil, a 19-year-old theatre major at LAU, doubles as a fashion designer. Khalil started her fashion line, Tyente, in 2007. The idea behind it was to use the craze for fashion and beauty to generate goodwill. The profit Tyente made this year went to a children’s cancer … Continue reading

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