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Bobolink: Social Media for Stars

By Yasmine Sarhi LAU Tribune Staff We were seated on the balcony of his office, a quaint boutique-style studio located right above Chili’s on the main Gemmayzeh street. It was about 5:15 p.m., the weather was pleasantly cool and the sun was taking its leave for the day. Labib Choufani, founder of Bobolink and an … Continue reading

Jump in to the New Era!

By Farah Saati LAU Tribune staff Who, in this age, does not own a Facebook account? Answer: No one! Well, maybe your grandmother doesn’t but she’s exempted from counting. What about your Twitter account? Does it still have the egg as your profile picture? By the way, if it does, it’s bad! Social Media has … Continue reading

Of Tablets and Laptops

By Zahi Sahli, LAU Tribune contributor. The fact that 82 percent of tech geeks primarily use their tab- lets at home underlines the significance of this device as a revolutionary modern invention. According to a March 2011 survey by Google’s AdMob, tablets have entirely dominated the technological market since the release of the Apple’s iPad. This information … Continue reading

FourSquare: I Know Where You Are…

BY DIANA BACHOURA These days, discovering the city around you is easy as pushing a button. I’m talking, of course, about FourSquare. FourSquare is a social media application for smartphones. It allows you to discover different places in your city and helps you interact with other users. Because it works via GPS, checking in to a … Continue reading

Facebook Depression is a Confirmed Diagnosis

BY: LEA GIUSTI After a long day at university, 22-year-old Noura is stuck to her screen, checking Facebook. She would rather look at what other people have posted than study. The popular social networking site has become her addiction. “It’s simply out of boredom,” Noura, who wants to stay anonymous, said. “Facebook is purely entertaining.” Checking … Continue reading

“R.I.P. My Dear Friend”

By Eleena Korban LAU Tribune staff “Been long since I last wrote on ur wall.. u r always on my mind and in my heart.. always.. we7yetik ya sett el habayeb..” the wall post read. Although Aminah Fakih passed away on February 16, 2010, the post in question is dated November 10. Nine months after … Continue reading

Social Media Face-Off

By Lama Al-Haqhaq LAU Tribune staff Speaking in June 2010, Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo boasted that the social networking site generated 65 million tweets a day. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, announced a month later that 500 million people worldwide are active users on his social network. Being part of an online community has … Continue reading

Blogging Lebanon

By Tala El Riz LAU Tribune staff The American University of Beirut’s Online Collaborative (AUBOC) put together Lebanon’s first blogging convention in December. The event attracted 150 people, including guest speakers, Lebanese and Arab bloggers, students, professors, journalists and regular people who are just interested in blogging. Mohammad Shawash, a designer that flew in from … Continue reading

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