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Dear Adviser, Can You Help?

By Diaa AlJurdy LAU Tribune staff They stand in a long line, some holding a paper in their hands, some chatting, others simply daydreaming. While one may think it may describe a bus station, the scene actually takes place at Nicol Hall’s second floor, during the advising period. Advising is a crucial process for new … Continue reading

Keeping in Touch after Graduation

By Nour Monajjed LAU Tribune staff Although Alaa Minawi, a communication arts alumnus, graduated in spring 2008, he still comes to LAU at least once a week. “My major is communication arts and it assumes keeping communication always open with old and new,” he explained. “LAU gave me the chance to meet all the amazing … Continue reading

Can’t Stop the Music

By Munawar Abboushi LAU Tribune contributor Music is a way of life, some will tell you. Whether pop, hip hop, jazz, classical or heavy metal, music is popular across cultures. Our lives would be dry and dreary without a few good notes are heard on the way to work in the car or in the … Continue reading

Tuition System at LAU

By Diaa Aljurdy LAU Tribune staff When a Burberry hand bag or an HP laptop cost more than 600 dollars, why wouldn’t a single credit at LAU cost the same? LAU is one of Lebanon’s most expensive universities. Every year, the cost of a sin­gle credit increases in vary­ing amounts depending on the major. With … Continue reading

Dr. Diala Ammar

By Tala EL Riz LAU Tribune Staff Dr. Diala Ammar, psychology professor teaches at LAU. She has a PhD, in motor behavior fromTexas, A$M University Health and Kinesiology.  Dr. Ammar have great publications in the field of science, one of them, under the title ‘assessing the quality of life of HIV/AIDS prisoners.’ she considers ‘Orientalism’ … Continue reading

Buying Assignments

By Eleena Korban LAU Tribune staff When a teacher assigns a paper or an essay, some students smile calmly while others frantically try to jot down notes and instructions about the upcoming homework. The difference between the two is a phone number. With the help of A students looking to make money, an LAU graduate … Continue reading

Purring Around Campus

By Reem Swaidan Lau Tribune Staff Lina Abyad, a drama assistant professor, has two cats on campus, Kit and Kat, each with its own marked territory. Kit presides over the dorms area and Kat the Business Building entourage. Abyad believes she is responsible for taking care of the two cats and as well as other … Continue reading

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