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The Odyssey of Immortality: A Reality or a Myth?

By Hussein Abbas LAU Tribune contributor Regardless of the species, all organisms seek survival and longevity. Mankind, amongst other species, extrapolated longevity and went beyond that: People have sought immortality. Literature from our past often focused on the epic odysseys of characters in their quest of immortality. Gilgamesh, the King of Uruk, from the Mesopotamian … Continue reading

The Big “C”

By Mirvat El-Sibai LAU Tribune contributor Growing up, we heard our parents speak of “that disease,” as if the mere mention of the word “cancer” carries the threat of it materializing, like a ghost. Three decades later, I findthat people are still offended by the mention of the disease. Despite medical advancement and scores of … Continue reading

Cancer: The Era’s Disease

By Tamara Abou-Antoun LAU Tribune contributor “Why didn’t he make it this time?” a sorrowful voice asks. Struck with the death of close friends or family members, many wonder why cancer recurs and succeeds in killing the people who manage to fight it the first time. Nothing is more heart-breaking than telling the parents of … Continue reading

Melanoma Rising, Lebanon Declining

By Caroline Hodroj LAU Tribune staff Rima, a 42-year-old mother of three, comfortably lounges on a tanning bed while she sips chilled carrot juice and adjusts her sunglasses. No one could mistake that smile on her mouth as she inhales deeply and exhales with a contented sigh. In her mind, she is doing her body … Continue reading

Cervical Cancer Preventable

 Diana Bachoura LAU Tribune staff Cervical cancer, the second most common type of cancer among women, is preventable by vaccination, Dr. Wissam Ghandour, gynecology and basic health instructor at LAU, said during a lecture last March. Organized by the department of natural science as part of the “Healthy Mind, Healthy Body” campaign, the lecture aimed … Continue reading

Targeting Cancer Stem Cells

By Sahar Moukaddem LAU Tribune staff AUB assistant professor of medicine Dr.Rihab Nasr proposed a new therapeutic way to target the chemoresistant stem cells, a technique known as “the Directed Targeting Strategy.” Her presentation came as part of a lecture at the LAU biology department on February 28. Cancer stem cells (CSC) make up a … Continue reading

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