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Private Hospitals to Stop Accepting NSSF Patients

Private hospitals in Lebanon will stop accepting patients funded by the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) as of Monday. The decision was taken by the head of the Association for Private Hospitals Suleiman Haroun after the NSSF refused to comply with the hospitals’ increase of charges. The cost of overnight for patients in hospitals has reached 200,000 LPB per night … Continue reading

Ahmad Kabbani: Chemistry Enthusiast

 By Zeina Shehayeb LAU Tribune staff Pens in hand, 19 students took notes as they stared at the board to keep up with the teacher. They barely noticed me as I entered their Chemical Principles class in Sage G01. Their full concentration struck me. I mechanically checked the time on my cell phone; it was … Continue reading

The Odyssey of Immortality: A Reality or a Myth?

By Hussein Abbas LAU Tribune contributor Regardless of the species, all organisms seek survival and longevity. Mankind, amongst other species, extrapolated longevity and went beyond that: People have sought immortality. Literature from our past often focused on the epic odysseys of characters in their quest of immortality. Gilgamesh, the King of Uruk, from the Mesopotamian … Continue reading

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Migrant Domestic Workers Celebrate Workers’ Day

Layan Doueik LAU Tribune staff Migrant domestic workers celebrated Labor’s day in collaboration with Souk Al-Tayyeb in Beirut Souks to promote their rights on Saturday 28th of April from 9 am till 2 am. For the third year in a row, a collective group of students of different universities joined to host “Migrant Workers’ Day” … Continue reading

The Big “C”

By Mirvat El-Sibai LAU Tribune contributor Growing up, we heard our parents speak of “that disease,” as if the mere mention of the word “cancer” carries the threat of it materializing, like a ghost. Three decades later, I findthat people are still offended by the mention of the disease. Despite medical advancement and scores of … Continue reading

Cafe Younes: A Bohemian Spin on a Hamra Classic

By Omar El-Tani LAU Tribune staff It was a sunny day but a cool breeze leveled the heat. People chirped, while music played softly in the background. Bohemians swarmed the shop, blending in with the conventional types. Situated in Hamra near Commodore Hotel, Café Younès is a coffee shop usually associated with intellectuals, artists and … Continue reading

Barcelona Manager Pep Guardiola Resigns, Assistant Tito Vilanova Replaces Him

Pep Guardiola has announced that he will be leaving his post as Barcelona manager at the end of the current season and will be replaced by his assistant, Tito Vilanova. During an emotional press conference, Guardiola, who led the Catalans to 13 trophies during a four-year reign at the club, said he decided to leave … Continue reading

Bin Laden’s Family Deported To Saudi Arabia

The immediate family to Osama Bin Laden has been deported on Friday morning to Saudi Arabia nearly a year after the world’s most wanted man was killed in a U.S raid, officials informed the Daily Star. Currently, Washington D.C and Islamabad are working on mending their relationship after the discovery of Bin Laden’s whereabouts were … Continue reading

My Experience (and that of Others) at Israeli Checkpoints

By Aseel Baidoun LAU Tribune staff I was nearly 12 years old when my father was shot in front of me at the Qalandia checkpoint. I am almost 22 now and I still remember the horror of that moment. The Qalandia checkpoint is one of the largest Israeli military checkpoints in the occupied West Bank. It … Continue reading

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