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Campus News, Mohamad Yahia Hamade

Student Film Festival

By Mohamad Yahia Hamade

LAU Tribune staff

Perso, a film by Brahim Badran, won the first price during the student film festival on the LAU Beirut campus on May 18. The event at the Irwin Hall auditorium was organized by Ramez Maluf’s public relations class.

Perso’s plot revolves around a troubled man who is haunted by the murder of his wife and can’t distinguish dreams from reality.

“This event accounts for 38 percent of our class grade,” Christine Saifi, a journalism student said. “We’re screening six films produced by LAU students who took the broadcast class last year.”

Ten public relations students, including Saifi, organized the event which proved to be a success. The audience had to vote for the best movie.

The second movie, Layle, by Mahmoud Rida, examined the life of a young man who reminisced about his life, stuck between childhood and adulthood. Layle also generated many positive remarks and comments from the audience.

“I think I can relate to the lead,” Rami, a computer science student, said. “I’m currently reviewing my life and everything that’s going on with me at LAU.”

Al-Imtihan, or The Examination, by Elie Rizk, revolved around two high school students who attempt to steal their math exam. The movie had a comical feel to it and elicited a few laughs from the audience.

Marwan Jaafar, an engineering student at AUB, made a reference to the article about exam theft in last week’s issue of the Tribune. “It’s cool, we read about exam theft and then watch a movie about it,” he smiled.

“Even American literature seems to be present here,” Jaafar said as he described the fourth movie. Upon the 8th Night, by Nour Bou Dagher, was a film adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell Tale Heart.

Love’s Decoy, a drama by Tara Bassim, focused on a married couple who suffer from a dysfunctional relationship. An audience member made a snarky remark about the movie being a parody of the 21st century marriages in general.

Balloon, a movie by Pia Hadad, was the last movie screened. The drama revolved around the life of a young girl whose recently divorced parents leave her pining for her father.


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