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Locked metal box found in Beirut airport highway

An enormous locked metal box was found Friday during excavation work behind a wedding reception hall on the main Beirut airport highway. According to the Daily Star, security sources said that the box was found by coincidence as workers were digging into the earth to build a supporting wall for the Golden Plaza wedding hall. … Continue reading

Miss Lebanon 2011 Studies in LAU

By Mohamad Al-Oraybi LAU Tribune staff Walking around campus, Yara Khoury-Mikhael blushes when she hears students whispering her name. Around 1.80 meters tall but nevertheless down to earth, Khoury-Mikhael wears a casual outfit and little make-up to university. Always smiling, she spends most of her time in the studio working on videos or in the … Continue reading

Sports Mania

By Mohamad Al-Oraiby LAU Tribune Staff   Ten-year-old Samir Bsat wakes up in his football-shaped bed every morning. Gazing at the posters of the famous Kaka around his room, Samir runs to find his remote and opens the sports channel. Samir’s seventeen-year-old sister and worst enemy Sarah is not a fan of her little brother’s … Continue reading

Matteo El-Khodr: A Rare Male Voice

By Mohamad Al-Oraybi LAU Tribune staff Matteo El-Khodr is always dressed in the finest attire and happily signing autographs in the busy streets of Paris. Apart from his infamous Berkin bag and striking black eye liner, he carries a priceless countertenor voice allowing him to sing the highest pitch in a man’s vocal capacity. His … Continue reading

Aden Couture

By Mohamad Al-Oraybi LAU Tribune Staff  Adnan Mhaidly, the designer of Aden, created a name for himself in the Lebanese fashion industry in three years only. Aged 28 today, Mhaidly graduated from LAU with an AA in graphic design and a BS in marketing. His work experience started in advertising and photo shootings. “Studying graphic design … Continue reading

Lebanese Designer Succeeds in New York

By Mohamad Al-Oraybi LAU Tribune staff Back from the New York Fashion Week where he displayed his Spring 2012 collection last September, Lebanese designer Jad Ghandour has a full schedule meeting clients, working on his next collection and finishing dresses before deadlines. “Make it quick Mohamad,” he laughed as he looked over his tailors in … Continue reading

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