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Ahmad Kabbani: Chemistry Enthusiast

 By Zeina Shehayeb LAU Tribune staff Pens in hand, 19 students took notes as they stared at the board to keep up with the teacher. They barely noticed me as I entered their Chemical Principles class in Sage G01. Their full concentration struck me. I mechanically checked the time on my cell phone; it was … Continue reading

The Run for Easy As

By Zeina Shehayeb LAU Tribune staff A student survey on the LAU Beirut campus confirmed that many LAU students target easy A courses to improve their GPAs and study less. The surveyed students shed light on 34 different courses that they referred to as “easy A” classes. These range from Computer Applications and Business Etiquette … Continue reading

Film Making Students Rent Outside Equipment for Thousands of Dollars

By Zeina Shehayeb LAU Tribune staff Opening a new studio at LAU helped solve the space problem film students suffered from but seemed to disregard the insufficient number of equipment catering to the students’ needs. Many film students tend to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars to rent the needed equipment from outside studios at … Continue reading

The Tribune Shops in Sabra and Chatila

By Zeina Shehayeb LAU Tribune staff A huge portrait of a March 8 figure stands still on the entrance to welcome visitors. On both sides of the narrow street, which depends on sun rays during the day and fluorescent light bulbs in the night, you can see two-by-two-meter shops and scattered shopping carriages. Crowds of … Continue reading

Master’s Deficiency

By Zeina Shehayeb LAU Tribune staff The match began and the ball passed from one player to another when I asked about the reasons behind the few graduate degrees offered at LAU. Two sources from the university’s upper administration blamed the departments for not sending a proposal to found more graduate programs while chairpersons blamed … Continue reading

Disagreement about the LAU/AUB Agreement

By Zeina Shehayeb LAU Tribune staff   “A change of environment is always healthy and beneficial and the second chance to do things better is an open highway,” a student at the American University of Beirut wrote. His comment came in response to an email AUB sent, asking students about their reaction to the LAU-AUB … Continue reading

Would You Like to Become a Leader?

By Zeina Shehayeb LAU Tribune contributor Elie Samia, executive director of Outreach and Civic Engagement, emphasized the power of leadership during a lecture at LAU’s Business Building last week. “I don’t have a superman or superwomen formula, no magic formula for leadership,” Samia said. “Leadership is like the myth of Sisyphus, based on endless trials … Continue reading

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