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LAU Nursing Students Make a Difference as They Study

By Carla Hazarian  LAU Tribune staff  As he walks up to the patient’s bed, Samuel Joseph Maljian greets her with a smiling hello. The patient, who is an older woman, reciprocates with a smile; she has recently been diagnosed with hypertension. With a pamphlet of papers in his hand he stands at her side and asks her a series of questions to ensure all is well. He appears sensitive to … Continue reading

Meet the Only Male in the Education Department

By Carla Hazarian LAU Tribune staff Currently finishing his last semester at LAU, Fouad Bocti is an education major with a minor in philosophy and English. What makes his student life a little different from that of his peers is that he is the only male in his department. “Yeah, I don’t think this is … Continue reading

Death of Underground Parties

By Carla Hazarian LAU Tribune staff Going to what was known as an underground or free party in Lebanon five years ago, was considered a spiritual event. A selected few who wanted to throw a party outdoor, with good music and good people would attend such events. It wasn’t exclusive but it was meant for … Continue reading

LAU Christmas Choir

By Carla Hazarian LAU Tribune staff LAU held its annual Christmas carol concert in Irwin Hall Auditorium on December 21. Children and their parents came together to celebrate the season and listen to many festive classics directed by Leila Dabaghi. No expense was spared as the auditorium was filled with warm colors, decorations and a … Continue reading

Are You Apple-Demic?

By Carla Hazarian  LAU Tribune staff Wherever you look you see it. Shiny, sleek and sophisticated. “The future,” they call it. The Apple craze is everywhere. From iPods to iPads and iPhones, everyone wants one. What is it about Apple Macintosh and its products? In recent years, Apple seems to have surpassed old school phones … Continue reading

An Urban Art Form

By Carla Hazarian LAU Tribune staff Across grungy warehouses and old residential buildings in Lebanon, words of political meaning and colorful pictures decorate the once-blank wall –a scene that is becoming more and more familiar as each year goes by. One man, who has played a significant part in the rise of this subculture, is … Continue reading

Electricity: A Problem We All Share

By Carla Hazarian LAU Tribune staff In a grungy residential building in Beirut, a family sits together in candle light, some engage in small talks, and others read a book. Surprisingly, this is neither the middle ages nor a time before Benjamin Franklin. This image that is painted for you is every other building in … Continue reading

Traveling to Another Dimension

By Carla Hazarian LAU Tribune staff Since its release on May 17, 2011, Fable 3, a video game by Lionhead studios production, has pleased PC gamers worldwide. Major elements like quests, downloadable content, a hardcore mode, and 3D functionality have been implemented since the game’s first release in 2010 in Xbox version. The game’s new … Continue reading

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