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Senioritis: A Real Disease?

By Natalia Elmani LAU Tribune staff “Senioritis (noun): A crippling disease that strikes high school seniors.” The urban dictionary goes on. “Symptoms include: laziness, an over-excessive wearing of track pants, old athletic shirts, sweatpants, athletic shorts, and sweatshirts. Also features a lack of studying, repeated absences, and a generally dismissive attitude,” it reads. “The only … Continue reading

Lana Shehadeh: One Hand in the Classroom, One in the Ancient Ruins.

By Natalia Elmani LAU Tribune staff She slowly walks into the classroom and tosses her bag on the front desk. She grabs a marker and, in large letters, writes her name across the white board: “Lana Shehadeh.” With her hair clipped up in a bun and a colored scarf laid loosely around her neck, Shehadeh … Continue reading

Homosexuals Accepted in Some Areas of Campus, Not in Others

By Natalia Elmani LAU Tribune staff Walking slowly up the large steps in front of Nicol Hall, Tarek leans down to kiss his friends on the cheek as he makes his way to the edge of the stairs, an area that is the base for his contagious laugh and poppy jokes. Just like some of … Continue reading

Lebanese Designs Straight to Your Doorstep

By Natalia Elmani LAU Tribune staff Just a click away resides one of Lebanon’s newest additions to promote the booming fashion industry here and abroad. serves as a median between designers and buyers, a concept that allows anyone to order various pieces from Lebanese designers, without having to dig through racks of clothes to … Continue reading

Fairuz: For All Generations

By Natalia Elmani LAU Tribune staff “Only she can talk to the heavens, talk to God,” a photographer said in the documentary Fairuz: We Loved Each Other So Much. He created a riveting scene of one her concerts in Baalbeck, in which the clouds parted and the moon cast a strong light all over the … Continue reading

Education Opportunity in Holland

By Natalia Elmani LAU Tribune staff The Netherlands Institute in Beirut reached out on Wednesday, Nov. 23, to LAU students interested in pursuing gender studies in Holland. Its representative emphasized the Master’s and doctoral degrees and even offered scholarships for outstanding performances. Dima Dabbous-Sensenig, director of Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World, and … Continue reading

A Standard Too High

By Natalia Elmani LAU Tribune staff Situating myself in the front row, I was ready to take on Standard Arabic I. In my mind, the class was basic, “standard” and, above all, I understood a relatively decent amount of Arabic words that were thrown my way. Even though I was exempted from the required course, … Continue reading

The New Deans Of LAU

By Natalia Elmani LAU Tribune staff The Lebanese American University appointed Philippe M. Frossard as dean of the school of arts and sciences and Said Elfakhani as dean of the business school, for both the Beirut and Byblos campuses. Frossard has 29 years of experience in education and research across numerous countries ranging from the … Continue reading

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