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Do You Know What Bipolar Disorder Is?

By Anita Nasrallah LAU Tribune contributor You may notice one day that your friend is acting “weird.” He or she may move from hyperactivity and excessive talking to a sudden depressive mood with little interaction with the outside world. What if it’s a case of bipolar disorder? Do take it seriously. Bipolar affective disorder is … Continue reading

“Whatever You See Affects You”

By Layan Doueik LAU Tribune staff Sitting in my Media Law and Ethics class, I was shocked to watch the video of the so-called “King of Kings” Mo’ammar Gaddafi being kicked, humiliated and gradually murdered at the hands of Libyan rebels. No matter how hard I try to describe the disturbing images using text, watching … Continue reading

Find Me a Husband Online

By Farah Al Saati LAU Tribune staff Soha is a divorced 34 year-old. She believes that her first marriage did not work out because it was arranged, and this time she wants to find a more suitable husband. Soha opened an account on the online dating service, Qiran. In her opinion, such websites bring people … Continue reading

Beauty and the Beast: A Mere Mutation

By Thamara Abou-Antoun LAU Tribune contributor So it’s almost summer time and you can feel the tranquilizing Mediterranean breeze through your hair as you lay down to relax on a beach bed. The gentle salt air is refreshing, the sound of the waves therapeutic and the warmth of the sun rays so indulging. It simply … Continue reading

Turkish Addiction

By Samia Buhulaiyem LAU Tribune staff It was seven o’clock when Manal Birjawi silenced her BlackBerry and unplugged the landline phone as she anticipated the start of the last episode of thLe fifth part of the Turkish soap opera, Al-Awrak Al-Mutasakita (The Falling Leaves). She was joined by her daughter who was equally excited about … Continue reading

HP Plan Overhaul, Cuts 27,000 Jobs

Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) plans to cut 27,000 jobs in what is the largest payroll purge in the company’s 73-year history. The cuts will affect approximately 8 percent of HP’s 350,000 employees by October 2014, the date in which the planned overhaul would be completed. HP CEO Meg Whitman hopes that these austerity measures, which will … Continue reading

Know Your Hair

By Serge Korjian LAU Tribune contributor To all men who have been noticing more scalp than they had hoped for, you are not alone. Male pattern baldness afflicts some two thirds of the world’s population. It results from the shrinking of the follicles responsible for producing tough and long-lasting hairs. Also known as androgenic alopecia, … Continue reading

The First Driverless Car Is Granted to Google

In the state of Nevada, USA, driverless cars are soon to be a reality after the state’s approval of America’s first software-driven vehicles. The first car that will self-drive on road, a modified Toyota Prius by Google, uses radar sensors, laser range finders to visualize obstacles and cars, and video cameras mounted on the roof. … Continue reading

Man Graduates from University at 97

Ninety-seven-year-old Allan Stewart earned his Masters degree in “Clinical Science” from Southern Cross University of Lismore, Australia. Stewart had already entered the Guinness World Records as “The World’s Eldest Graduate” in 2006 when he completed his Law degree at 91, according to the Australian News Agency, AAP. A great-grandfather, Stewart attained his first degree when he … Continue reading

The Odyssey of Immortality: A Reality or a Myth?

By Hussein Abbas LAU Tribune contributor Regardless of the species, all organisms seek survival and longevity. Mankind, amongst other species, extrapolated longevity and went beyond that: People have sought immortality. Literature from our past often focused on the epic odysseys of characters in their quest of immortality. Gilgamesh, the King of Uruk, from the Mesopotamian … Continue reading

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