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Meet the Only Male in the Education Department

By Carla Hazarian LAU Tribune staff Currently finishing his last semester at LAU, Fouad Bocti is an education major with a minor in philosophy and English. What makes his student life a little different from that of his peers is that he is the only male in his department. “Yeah, I don’t think this is … Continue reading

Find Me a Husband Online

By Farah Al Saati LAU Tribune staff Soha is a divorced 34 year-old. She believes that her first marriage did not work out because it was arranged, and this time she wants to find a more suitable husband. Soha opened an account on the online dating service, Qiran. In her opinion, such websites bring people … Continue reading

Beauty and the Beast: A Mere Mutation

By Thamara Abou-Antoun LAU Tribune contributor So it’s almost summer time and you can feel the tranquilizing Mediterranean breeze through your hair as you lay down to relax on a beach bed. The gentle salt air is refreshing, the sound of the waves therapeutic and the warmth of the sun rays so indulging. It simply … Continue reading

Illegal Photocopied Books Appeal to LAU Students

By Francesco Laurenti LAU Tribune staff A few years ago, Malik’s Bookshop was prosecuted and fined by Interpol for selling photocopied books. The Bookshop has stopped selling full photocopied manuscript ever since. But the problem has not ceased. Just a few meters away from Malik’s, another shop continues the illegal sale of fully-photocopied class material. … Continue reading

Upcoming Graduates Left in the Dark

By Ranim Hadid LAU Tribune staff Ramzi Khaled, business senior, approached the registrar’s window and asked about graduation, complaining that he is completely in the dark. “I don’t understand how we are at the end of the semester yet graduating students are still confused about how to prepare for the ceremonies,” he said. Every year, … Continue reading

Autistic Children Find Love at LES

By Caroline Feghaly LAU Tribune staff As I sat in the classroom interviewing the shadow teacher, we heard Karim crying out loud as if he’s having a nervous breakdown. She rushed to him, held him, and successed in calming him down. Karim, 10, Peter and Tarek, 9, and Naji, 6, are four autistic students enrolled … Continue reading

Building goes up in flames after an explosion in Nairobi, Kenya

by Omar El Tani LAU Tribune staff One person was wounded and building went up in flames as the Kenyan Capital was rocked by a blast on Monday. The cause of the explosion is still unknown but a sequence of attacks in Mombasa and Nairobi are blamed on Somali activists and supporters. Television footage showed … Continue reading

Little Philippines in Hamra

By Iman Soufan LAU Tribune staff Walking up the narrow street, with a far-distanced view of a quaint church in the foreground, I was one of the few non-Asian women making their way towards the Catholic Church. The church is situated in Hamra, one of Beirut’s busiest areas. This small yet bustling side street is … Continue reading

Lana Shehadeh: One Hand in the Classroom, One in the Ancient Ruins.

By Natalia Elmani LAU Tribune staff She slowly walks into the classroom and tosses her bag on the front desk. She grabs a marker and, in large letters, writes her name across the white board: “Lana Shehadeh.” With her hair clipped up in a bun and a colored scarf laid loosely around her neck, Shehadeh … Continue reading

Wasta at the LAU Cafeteria

By Layan Doueik  LAU Tribune staff  Photo by: Ranim Hadid It is noon. The lunch break just started and students pile up in long queues inside the LAU cafeteria to get food. Despite their keenness to satisfy their appetites as quickly as possible, the crowd stands patiently as each waits for his or her turn. But a tall young man suddenly breaks into the line, winks at … Continue reading

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