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My Personal Experience So Far – Iman Soufan

The thought of putting an entire newspaper together freaked me out, using a foreign program (InDesign), staying in university till 10pm or 11pm wasn’t too comforting either; all in all, my initial feelings were opposite to what I feel now. I actually look forward to it all. As one of the editors for the ‘Culture … Continue reading

Barcelona Strikes Again

By Lyn Abu-Seraj LAU Tribune staff Lionel Messi once again imposed himself as champion and took Barcelona to the Primera Division summit after playing against Racing Santander last week in Camp Nou, Barcelona. Two goals from Messi and one from Xavi earned the Spanish star team a 3-0 victory. With Pep Guardiola’s side in charge … Continue reading

Cedars Play The Field

By Maria Fellas LAUTribune staff   His legs shivered as he walked down the stairs leading to the court. It was time for him to kick that ball and win himself the tickets. Spectators at the Tripoli stadium were given the chance to win two free tickets to their chosen destinations as they watched the … Continue reading

Are you really what you wear?

  By Maria Fellas   LAU Tribune staff Carrying her notebooks in one hand and her Louis Vuitton bag in another, the young woman hurriedly crossed LAU’s upper gate. Behind her DKNY sunglasses, she could see a group of female students looking at her. They seemed to admire her new Diesel jeans. It does, indeed, … Continue reading

Royal Weddings: What’s with All the Fuss?!

  By Tala Osseiran   LAU Tribune staff Most young girls dream of being princesses and falling in love with prince charming. Unable to let go of the childhood stories we grow upon, we come to cherish royal weddings, a glimpse into a world most of us only know in fairytale books. Newlyweds Prince William … Continue reading

Subtle Student Leadership: Abdo Salam Hamade

By Caroline Hodroj LAU Tribune staff Within the open space of the LAU campus, a 20-year old student saunters quickly and swiftly across the crowds and races to achieve whatever objective he has in mind.  His look of fierce dedication and calm demeanor, his quizzical brow and the hands that are usually heavily laden with … Continue reading

Kings of Sarcasm

By Maria Fellas LAU Tribune staff Can you put all the following terms in one sentence? Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Barack Obama, Soviet Russia, forever alone, clever bot and pedobear. If you think no one can, you stand corrected.  Through “DeMotivational Posters,” a group of smart-mouthed LAU students came together to bring you the best of … Continue reading

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