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Religion Must Unite and Not Divide

By Assaad Hawwa LAU Tribune staff “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” “In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.” In both ways, worshippers glorify one and only God –the Almighty. Many people think that religion is an identity trait that distinguishes one … Continue reading

Beirut Hotel Sparks Controversy

By Assaad Hawwa  LAU Tribune staff “Don’t forget… I’m Lebanese! If you cheat on me, I kill you,” the female lead says in one of her scenes in Beirut Hotel. People did not get the chance to watch Danielle Arbid’s third movie, Beirut Hotel, in Lebanese theatres for the film was banned by the Lebanese … Continue reading

LAU Webmail Takes on New Look

By Assaad Hawwa LAU Tribune staff LAU students switched from the old webmail system to a new one as of December 7, 2011. An email was sent to the entire LAU community asking them to switch their own accounts. The request was also published on the LAU website several weeks before the day appointed. According … Continue reading

LAU Students Unite for Independence

By Assaad Hawwa LAU Tribune Staff LAU celebrated Lebanon’s 68th independence anniversary on Nov. 16 under the rain near the cafeteria. “I’m so happy that all the students are gathered together to celebrate their country’s independence,” Nadine Daouk, an interior design senior, said. The independence celebration began at noon. Loud music could be heard all … Continue reading

Chaos at LAU’s Upper Gate

By Assaad Hawwa LAU Tribune staff Eight Students and the head of LAU security Major Raed Hassouna were injured in the violent clashes that erupted between supporters of various political parties early November. Supporters of March 8 and March 14 forces clashed after Future Movement students celebrated the birthday of late Prime Minister Rafic Hariri … Continue reading

Religious Students Juggle Academic and Religious Duties

By Assaad Hawwa LAU Tribune staff Although class was supposed to end five minutes earlier, the oral communication instructor continued his lecture about the importance of non-verbal communication. Rachelle Mikhael, a pharmacy student at LAU, looked at her watch with worried eyes. As soon as the instructor dismissed the class, she ran toward the LAU … Continue reading

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