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Wled El Balad: A Revolution through the Beat

By Sahar Moukaddem LAU Tribune staff When you listen to their music, you don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Organized by four university students, “Wled El Balad” is one of the few Middle Eastern bands that play a distinct hybrid of rock with Arabic lyrics. The band’s members, Mohamad Hodeib, Saad Malaeb, Mahmoud … Continue reading

Verdun: The Glamorous Battlefield

By Farah Berrou LAU Tribune contributor Known as the Middle Eastern Rodeo Drive, Verdun has been the cosmopolitan shopping district that attracts consumers from all over the region. The Dunes Center, which is also the revamped Holiday Inn Hotel, is now a favored destination for many of Lebanon’s Gulf visitors. Along with the mirroring Verdun 730 … Continue reading

The Art of Doodling

By Maria Fellas LAU Tribune staff “I really, really love cats,” a student wrote on one of the desks in a Sage Hall classroom, perhaps reflecting on the felines he or she crossed on the way to the building. “Every MWF in this time a little part of me dies,” another student scribbled on his … Continue reading

“The People Want to Overthrow the Regime”

By Eleena Korban LAU Tribune staff “For sectarianism, exploitation, favoritism and corruption… a revolution!” protesters chanted. For four consecutive Sundays, the secular citizens of Lebanon marched through the streets of Lebanon, demanding the overthrow of Lebanon’s confessional regime. Assad Thebian, a social media consultant and secularist, nicely sums up the movement’s demands. “We want to … Continue reading

Street of the Week: Manara, the Street that Never Dies

Reem Swaidan Lau Tribune staff The sun is rising. The Mediterranean Sea begins to glitter, giving the skies and the sun just the right colors of nature to complement one another. Men and women from all ages enjoy their morning sports. Some walk, some jog, some are skate and some just watch the few minutes … Continue reading

Ayman Itani : The Man Behind the Tweets

Tala Osseiran LAU Tribune staff “My passion has always been for how the Internet and technology can be used to enhance our day-to-day lives and how we are doing things differently and to our advantage,” Ayman Itani, digital strategy consultant and LAU new media instructor, said. He remains up-to-date with the social media environment by … Continue reading

Flushed Out: The Life of a Dorm Girl

By Caroline Hodroj LAU Tribune staff A 20 year-old-female student dressed in a pink pajama hides a tissue roll under her armpit as she tiptoes through the Orme-Gray residence hallway to answer nature’s call.  As she opens the bathroom door she stands in utter shock and disgust at the foul smell that creeps into her … Continue reading

The Truth about Muscles

By Tala El Riz LAU Tribune staff A month ago, the young LAU student looked like Tintin, the famous skinny detective, but today, he’s Johnny Bravo’s twin brother. Sitting on the bench in front of him, a young woman admired his biceps and the enormous, confident laugh on his face. “What’s the reason for this … Continue reading

MCF: The May Chidiac Foudation for Media Studies

By Diaa Aljurdy LAU Tribune staff Famous Lebanese journalist May Chidiac introduced the May Chidiac Foundation (MCF) to enthusiastic journalism and radio/TV/film majors during a lecture at LAU’s on March 22. “The media became a tool for many, but it is a science after all,” Chidiac said. She added that there is a difference between … Continue reading

The Benefits of Religious Co-existence

By Zahi Sahli LAU Tribune contributor Journalist Nada Raphaël’s documentary, “Hyphen Islam Christianity,” and an inspiring performance by Al Fayha choir generated a joint call for co-existence on March 17 at LAU’s Beirut campus. Raphael, introduced to the stage by Vice-President Elise Salem, bemoaned the prioritization of politics and religion in Lebanon, emphasizing the role … Continue reading

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