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My Experience – Natalia Elmani

At first, the idea of publishing a university newspaper every other week seemed overwhelming.  Yet, the excitement pushed aside the feeling of being overwhelmed and being able to inform students of events, problems and social issues that are happening both on and off campus is  definitely something LAU needs. Our class is so tightknit and … Continue reading

Personal Experience

For me, I think, the experience is different than the others in the Journalism workshop class. I am a working woman from a long time, but even though, working in this class is a new experience and it has a different taste. I am learning a lot from Yasmine Dabbous. The most important thing that I am … Continue reading

BlackBerry Bold: An Extra Brain at your Service

By Samia Buhulaiyem LAU Tribune staff Hani Kurdy, a businessman who recently purchased a BlackBerry Bold, stood in his bathroom, ready to shave and shower, when he received an important email from a business associate. “I immediately forwarded it to a third party while still in the bathroom,” he said. “This alone is profit and money. … Continue reading

LAU Sailors: Sneak Peek

By Maria Fellas LAU Tribune Staff “We have very good players on the team,” said Reine Alameh, captain of the LAU Sailors, the university’s women basketball team. “But we definitely need to work on the chemistry between us.” MVP for two consecutive years, Alameh believes that, if the players work together, they have a chance of … Continue reading

Basket Vs. Net

By Mayya Al-Ogaily LAU Tribune staff  Sana Chahine, a communication arts student at LAU and a member of the women soccer team, was swamped. Having to cope with a demanding major and regular training is not easy, especially when you do not feel appreciated. She went to see Sami Garabedian, the director of the LAU … Continue reading

Struggling to Reach LAU

By Caroline Feghaly LAU Tribune staff This was my first time on a public bus and I was scared to death. With the bus driver racing at full speed, I found myself falling onto the woman sitting next to me with every curve. I repeatedly apologized but could not avoid the annoyance as no seatbelts … Continue reading

21st Century Phenomenon: Neo-Slavery

By Ahmad Kilani Special to the LAU Tribune Many would consider that slavery ended in 1865 with Abraham Lincoln. And several would deem that slavery still subsists throughout human trafficking and bonded slavery. Yet, in the following article, I will argue that slavery today burdens six billion slaves. It is incredibly difficult to suppose or … Continue reading

Living in My Parents’ Shadows

By Layan Doueik LAU Tribune staff “I am a business graduate by force, an artist by nature,” Nancy, who refused to give her family name, said defiantly. Nancy is an LAU alumna who was forced to enter the business world. Her dream of becoming a director took its last breath with her dad’s rejection of … Continue reading

The Creative Space

By Ranim Hadid LAU Tribune staff A double major in fashion from Parsons and media and culture from the New School (both in New York City), Sarah Hermez moved to Lebanon to make a difference. Inspired by just an idea, she is one of the few who changed their dreams into reality. Hermez is the … Continue reading

CEP: A Key to Your Success

By Lyn Abu-Seraj LAU Tribune staff Riad Abdelkhalek, a business student at LAU, could not continue his education here. But, instead of dropping out of school, he enrolled in the Continuing Education Program (CEP) in Fall 2010. “They gave me critical thinking, stress management and two other business courses,” Abdelkhalek said. “These courses helped me … Continue reading

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