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MCF: The May Chidiac Foudation for Media Studies

By Diaa Aljurdy LAU Tribune staff Famous Lebanese journalist May Chidiac introduced the May Chidiac Foundation (MCF) to enthusiastic journalism and radio/TV/film majors during a lecture at LAU’s on March 22. “The media became a tool for many, but it is a science after all,” Chidiac said. She added that there is a difference between … Continue reading

Crowded Campus

Diaa Aljurdy  LAU Tribune staff             “Look, I don’t have space to put my books,” Mona Knio, an associate professor of drama and the chairperson of LAU’s communication arts department, said with a gentle smile. Knio’s small office is full of books. Some are on shelves and some on the floor in boxes along with papers … Continue reading

Al-Mutanabbi at LAU?

 Diaa Aljurdy      LAU Tribune staff     A huge white shelf, topped with the writings of Al-Mutanabbi, Ibn Al-Rumi and other ancient and modern Arabic books, stands next to the office of the humanities department chair Vahid Behmardi. Commended for their eminence and poetic genius, the books are a reminder of an academic gap in the LAU … Continue reading

LAU Students’ Opinions about the Tribune

By Diaa Al Jurdy LAU Tribune staff We started with a trial issue, collected different articles along with some pictures. The first step was successful and we went directly to the second issue with high enthusiasm. The LAU Tribune had interesting articles in its first issue. The first page covered three articles; one about security … Continue reading

Fashion Gate

By Diaa Aljurdy LAU Tribune staff A young woman in close-fitting jeans graciously holds a cigarette in one hand and brand-new sun glasses in the other. Her flower-topped DKNY shirt highlights the outlines of her slender body. She engages in a lively conversation with her companion, who’s incidentally also wearing a Donna Karen top and … Continue reading

Drawing the Future

By Diaa Al Jurdy LAU Tribune staff How is a haircut related to a horoscope? “I can’t brush a hair or cut it without listening to my daily horoscope every morning in my salon,” Samer Jawhary, a 21-year-old hairdresser, said. “I simply can’t focus,” Horoscopes and predictions of the future have reached their peak in … Continue reading

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