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On Love and War

By Maria Fellas LAU Tribune staff Sahar Moukaddem, a journalism student, and Alexandra Shrayteh, an LAU alumna, sat down with Arabic lecturer Rachid Al-Daif late December to discuss their recently published novels with an audience of literary enthusiasts. Students from Daif’s creative writing class attended the gathering along with humanities chair Vahid Bahmardi, vice president … Continue reading

Bassam Lahoud’s Indonesian Vision

By Maria Fellas LAU Tribune staff LAU’s Beirut campus played host to a selection of photographs taken by the university’s own Bassam Lahoud. The photographs were on display at the Sheikh Zayed Hall in the Fine Arts Building between the 24th and the 30th of November. “This exhibition was sponsored by the Indonesian Embassy in … Continue reading

LAU Sailors: Sneak Peek

By Maria Fellas LAU Tribune Staff “We have very good players on the team,” said Reine Alameh, captain of the LAU Sailors, the university’s women basketball team. “But we definitely need to work on the chemistry between us.” MVP for two consecutive years, Alameh believes that, if the players work together, they have a chance of … Continue reading

Diaries of a Lebanese Soccer Fan

By Maria Fellas LAU Tribune staff Almost half of the game had passed, when an adoring fan runs down from the bleachers, all the way to the field. Dodging the security guards and the armed forces, he sprints across the grass and grabs a hold of the captain of the Lebanese national team, and kisses … Continue reading

Cedars Play The Field

By Maria Fellas LAUTribune staff   His legs shivered as he walked down the stairs leading to the court. It was time for him to kick that ball and win himself the tickets. Spectators at the Tripoli stadium were given the chance to win two free tickets to their chosen destinations as they watched the … Continue reading

The Art of Doodling

By Maria Fellas LAU Tribune staff “I really, really love cats,” a student wrote on one of the desks in a Sage Hall classroom, perhaps reflecting on the felines he or she crossed on the way to the building. “Every MWF in this time a little part of me dies,” another student scribbled on his … Continue reading

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