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Sanayeh: Tranquility Within Beirut’s Chaos

By Iman Soufan LAU Tribune staff As Samia, Laila and Zubaida sit on a bench shaded by the large trees, they re-live the memories they once shared as children. “We come here everyday, together. Our neighbors do too,” Samia said. “We always used to come here when we were younger, almost everyday.” “Over fifty years … Continue reading

Little Philippines in Hamra

By Iman Soufan LAU Tribune staff Walking up the narrow street, with a far-distanced view of a quaint church in the foreground, I was one of the few non-Asian women making their way towards the Catholic Church. The church is situated in Hamra, one of Beirut’s busiest areas. This small yet bustling side street is … Continue reading

Columbia University Janitor Receives Bachelor’s Degree

After years of mopping Columbia University’s floors, Gac Filipaj took a day off to attend the graduation ceremony where he received his bachelor’s degree in classics with honors. Filipaj, a 52-year-old ethnic Albanian has graduated from Columbia University after 12 long years of balancing his studies with his full time-job as a janitor. Since he was … Continue reading

New Teachers Demand Larger Classrooms

By Iman Soufan LAU Tribune staff Coming from the opposite side of the world, Andrew Bobrow, a communication arts instructor, arrived to Beirut to teach at LAU last fall. “I knew people back in the United States who had taught here quite some time ago, and they had nothing but a praise so I thought … Continue reading

Favoring Lebanese Professors Over Foreign

By Iman Soufan LAU Tribune staff An hour before registration begins, Ahmed Itani, an accounting junior, impatiently waits in front of his laptop screen to choose his courses. He is eager to find out the prospective professors of the classes he intends to enroll in this semester. “Of course I look at who’s teaching the … Continue reading

Expensive apartment rents in Hamra

Iman Soufan LAU Tribune contributor When Ruba Abu-Shanab, a Jordanian living in Kuwait, first moved to Lebanon to study at LAU in 2006, she paid 1,200 dollars for a one-bedroom studio in Siran Towers. Now, in 2011, she lives in the exact same studio but spends a monthly 1,800 dollars on rent. With the sky-high … Continue reading

In Love with Photography

By Iman Soufan LAU Tribune staff “All you need is love… of photography,” Bassam Lahoud, architect, urban designer and photographer, said. Lahoud is the only full-time photography instructor at LAU. He divides his time between the Beirut and Byblos campuses every fall semester. “Photography and teaching photography is my passion, my hobby, my wife, my … Continue reading

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