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Lebanese Designs Straight to Your Doorstep

By Natalia Elmani LAU Tribune staff Just a click away resides one of Lebanon’s newest additions to promote the booming fashion industry here and abroad. serves as a median between designers and buyers, a concept that allows anyone to order various pieces from Lebanese designers, without having to dig through racks of clothes to … Continue reading

The Lady Behind Vintage Story

By Mohamad Al-Oraybi LAU Tribune staff Yasmeen Borro, the proud owner of Vintage Story, is hard to miss in a crowd. Apart from being métisse and model thin, she always wears a pearl-white smile and colorful outfits. Born into a Lebanese-Moroccan family, Borro is all about diversity. “I was raised in a home that hosted … Continue reading

Malas Brothers: Revolutionary Artists

By Mayya Al-Ogaily LAU Tribune staff   In the heart of Damascus, behind the walls of a small bedroom that barely fits 10 people, sit two young twin brothers in slim jogging suits. A glaring light illuminates their faces, which shine in contrast with the black wall behind them. In front of them, a small … Continue reading

Lebanese Designer Succeeds in New York

By Mohamad Al-Oraybi LAU Tribune staff Back from the New York Fashion Week where he displayed his Spring 2012 collection last September, Lebanese designer Jad Ghandour has a full schedule meeting clients, working on his next collection and finishing dresses before deadlines. “Make it quick Mohamad,” he laughed as he looked over his tailors in … Continue reading

Are you really what you wear?

  By Maria Fellas   LAU Tribune staff Carrying her notebooks in one hand and her Louis Vuitton bag in another, the young woman hurriedly crossed LAU’s upper gate. Behind her DKNY sunglasses, she could see a group of female students looking at her. They seemed to admire her new Diesel jeans. It does, indeed, … Continue reading

Sporting Gym Wear on Campus

By Lama Al-Haqhaq LAU Tribune staff Badr Qaddah, a political science student, walked into university dressed in baggy Nike pants with matching Nike shoes. His friends were dressed the same, some in gym shorts, others in hooded sweaters. Together, they looked like a sports team in motion. In fact, none of planned to hit the … Continue reading

A Statement of Faith, a Statement of Fashion

By Tala El-Riz LAU Tribune staff It’s dark, perfectly shaped, and it gives him a sharp edge to his look. He says he can’t go on without it for it completes his physical appearance. Hady H., a computer science major at LAU, explained why the beard is essential to him. “The beard according to me … Continue reading

Fashion Gate

By Diaa Aljurdy LAU Tribune staff A young woman in close-fitting jeans graciously holds a cigarette in one hand and brand-new sun glasses in the other. Her flower-topped DKNY shirt highlights the outlines of her slender body. She engages in a lively conversation with her companion, who’s incidentally also wearing a Donna Karen top and … Continue reading

Fashionable Veils

Sahar Moukaddem LAU Tribune staff She wears fashionable white pants, a tight belt on her waist and holds a stylish brown bag. She is gorgeous, and she knows it. Farah El Hajj, a business student at LAU, is one of the fashionable veiled students on campus. El Hajj’s colorful veil covers her hair and frames … Continue reading

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