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Student Honor Ceremony

By Eleena Korban LAU Tribune staff The 11th annual ceremony of the Student Honor Society celebrated the achievement of dozens of distinguished LAU students at the Irwin Auditorium on May 17. Parents, honor students, doctors and deans stood up for the national anthem and LAU’s alma mater as the ceremony began. Raed Mohsen, dean of … Continue reading

Student Film Festival

By Mohamad Yahia Hamade LAU Tribune staff Perso, a film by Brahim Badran, won the first price during the student film festival on the LAU Beirut campus on May 18. The event at the Irwin Hall auditorium was organized by Ramez Maluf’s public relations class. Perso’s plot revolves around a troubled man who is haunted … Continue reading

Subtle Student Leadership: Abdo Salam Hamade

By Caroline Hodroj LAU Tribune staff Within the open space of the LAU campus, a 20-year old student saunters quickly and swiftly across the crowds and races to achieve whatever objective he has in mind.  His look of fierce dedication and calm demeanor, his quizzical brow and the hands that are usually heavily laden with … Continue reading

I L**ve my Teacher

Sahar Moukaddem LAU Tribune staff Once upon a time, a girl had a consuming crush on a guy. He had green eyes, a brilliant smile and a striking voice. He taught her things related to existence, knowledge, values and mind. But this was fitting. He was, after all, her philosophy teacher. Nellie A., a political … Continue reading

Behind the Tattered Veil

By Caroline Hodroj LAU Tribune staff For someone who refers to herself as “ineffective,” Fadia, the 35-year-old beggar at the LAU gate, is quite efficient when it comes to timing. She is always strategically punctual, meeting the hordes of LAU upper-gaters that stroll to their classes in the sun. Dressed in Islamic garb that cloaks … Continue reading

Behind the Gates

By Diaa Al-Jurdy LAU Tribune staff He stands tall with his grey uniform.  His white shirt illuminates the entrance of the gate while his neck-tie reflects the discipline in his eyes. A grey hat often covers his serious forehead. Standing on the campus lower, middle or upper gate, he is LAU’s security guard and he … Continue reading

LAU Student Tanya Khalil: Design with an Attitude

By Tala El Riz LAU Tribune staff Tanya Khalil, a 19-year-old theatre major at LAU, doubles as a fashion designer. Khalil started her fashion line, Tyente, in 2007. The idea behind it was to use the craze for fashion and beauty to generate goodwill. The profit Tyente made this year went to a children’s cancer … Continue reading

The New Dean of Students under Spotlights

By Lyn Abu Seraj LAU Tribune contributor Raed Mohsen, the new dean of student affairs on the Beirut campus, said he never wanted to graduate from university. And he didn’t. His journey in the world of academia evolved from studentship to full-time teaching at the communication arts department in 1996 to his current position in … Continue reading

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