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Wasta at the LAU Cafeteria

By Layan Doueik  LAU Tribune staff  Photo by: Ranim Hadid It is noon. The lunch break just started and students pile up in long queues inside the LAU cafeteria to get food. Despite their keenness to satisfy their appetites as quickly as possible, the crowd stands patiently as each waits for his or her turn. But a tall young man suddenly breaks into the line, winks at … Continue reading

Lack of Reading on Campus

By Caroline Feghaly LAU Tribune staff While choosing their electives, some students ignore the fact that the Liberal Arts curriculum –the program with which LAU prides itself– is based on reading and critical thinking. They opt for courses that require no-to-little reading from the selected textbooks. A member of CopyHouse, who wished to remain anonymous, … Continue reading

Students Creating Their Careers

By Layan Doueik LAU Tribune staff “I used my car savings to open my business,” Hassan Chahine, a 20-year-old international business student, said proudly as he explained how he started his company. Chahine now owns an advertising agency that “aims to establish and dominate the medium of mobile advertising in Beirut and Lebanon as a … Continue reading

Graduation: Now You Want It, Now You Don’t

By Layan Doueik LAU Tribune staff Full schedule, hectic days and endless studying hours define my three years at LAU. I was seventeen then and eager to end this journey as soon as possible to start the career I always dreamed of. Today, however, thinking about graduation makes me feel uncomfortable for an unknown reason. … Continue reading

Wrong Dress Code at LAU

By Lyn Abu-Seraj LAU Tribune staff I will try to make this article straight forward and right to the point. In my four years at LAU, I have met a lot of people who come from different backgrounds, religions, cultures and points-of-view. One thing that I have a strong opinion about is the way young … Continue reading

The Run for Easy As

By Zeina Shehayeb LAU Tribune staff A student survey on the LAU Beirut campus confirmed that many LAU students target easy A courses to improve their GPAs and study less. The surveyed students shed light on 34 different courses that they referred to as “easy A” classes. These range from Computer Applications and Business Etiquette … Continue reading

Students and Fortune-Telling

By Layan Doueik LAU Tribune staff   “The partially-veiled woman placed a seashell in my palm and asked me to think deeply of an issue that I want to know about and then told me to crack a nut to break the curse,” Sumayyah Radwan, a 20-year-old education student at LAU, said sarcastically after undergoing … Continue reading

Students Run Out of General Knowledge

By Zahi Sahli LAU Tribune staff As an LAU instructor spoke about King David’s journeys, only one student knew the narrative she was referring to. A few days later, the instructor referred to the story of Isaac, and the reaction was the same. In a region where pious traditions are prevalent, students’ unawareness of the … Continue reading

The Tribune Behind The Scenes

By Aseel Baidoun LAU Tribune staff At 2:30 p.m. sharp every other Thursday, 19 LAU students climb the stairs of Nicol Hall and quickly disappear behind the doors of room 524 for at least six or seven hours. Students who arrive after 2:31 p.m. get that look with the sentence “you are late” from Yasmine … Continue reading

Dean Announces Student Awards

By Mayya Al-Ogaily LAU Tribune staff Raed Mohsen, Dean of Student at The Lebanese American University, has announced through email the university’s intention to give out three awards that are presented on a yearly basis, to LAU students who meet the requirements. The awards are the Rhoda Orme Award, Torch Award and Riad Nassar Leadership … Continue reading

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