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Change Starts with a Whisper

By Hrag T. Avedanian Special to the LAU Tribune Elections at the Lebanese American University are back, but what comes with them is unclear. After the postponement last semester, due to political tensions, the administration announced that March 30 is the new Election Day on the Beirut and Byblos campuses. “March 30, 2012 will be … Continue reading

Check the daily menu at the LAU cafeteria for this week (March 26-30): Daily Meal Menu

The Run for Easy As

By Zeina Shehayeb LAU Tribune staff A student survey on the LAU Beirut campus confirmed that many LAU students target easy A courses to improve their GPAs and study less. The surveyed students shed light on 34 different courses that they referred to as “easy A” classes. These range from Computer Applications and Business Etiquette … Continue reading

Students and Fortune-Telling

By Layan Doueik LAU Tribune staff   “The partially-veiled woman placed a seashell in my palm and asked me to think deeply of an issue that I want to know about and then told me to crack a nut to break the curse,” Sumayyah Radwan, a 20-year-old education student at LAU, said sarcastically after undergoing … Continue reading

Students Run Out of General Knowledge

By Zahi Sahli LAU Tribune staff As an LAU instructor spoke about King David’s journeys, only one student knew the narrative she was referring to. A few days later, the instructor referred to the story of Isaac, and the reaction was the same. In a region where pious traditions are prevalent, students’ unawareness of the … Continue reading

Animal Abuse: No Excuse

By Francesco Laurenti LAU Tribune Staff At a disorganized animal shop on the main road of Bourj Hammoud, a dog takes small steps inside a cage that is too small for its size. Its alimentary, hygienic and physiological needs are neglected. At closing hours, a cardboard box, filled with dead animals, including turtles, fish, rabbits and … Continue reading

Beirut River Contaminated With Filth

By Ranim Hadid LAU Tribune staff After a long a day he sat down to eat his black olives in the old rusty tin with a loaf of Arabic bread by his side, Bshara Amin, an old Lebanese fisherman who lives right between Beirut’s riverbank and the sea, complained that the stench he wakes up … Continue reading

Guardiola to leave the Blaugranas?

By Rouba Jaafar LAU Tribune staff With thirteen championship titles in his portfolio, the coach that led the Catalans in their series of winnings (two “Champions League” and three “Spanish League” titles in a row) faces an uncertain future as his contract with Camp Nou expires at the end of the season. Forty-one-year-old Pep Guardiola was voted … Continue reading

The Tribune Behind The Scenes

By Aseel Baidoun LAU Tribune staff At 2:30 p.m. sharp every other Thursday, 19 LAU students climb the stairs of Nicol Hall and quickly disappear behind the doors of room 524 for at least six or seven hours. Students who arrive after 2:31 p.m. get that look with the sentence “you are late” from Yasmine … Continue reading

Lebanese Universities Battle for “Likes”

By Farah Al Saati LAU Tribune staff LAU and the American University of Beirut (AUB) advertise their social media channels on their official websites. LAU administrates five official Facebook pages, including: LAU alumni, LAU Libraries, LAU news and information, LAU Students and Tomorrow’s Leaders Scholarship Program. AUB, on the other hand, has only one official … Continue reading

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