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Sanayeh: Tranquility Within Beirut’s Chaos

By Iman Soufan LAU Tribune staff As Samia, Laila and Zubaida sit on a bench shaded by the large trees, they re-live the memories they once shared as children. “We come here everyday, together. Our neighbors do too,” Samia said. “We always used to come here when we were younger, almost everyday.” “Over fifty years … Continue reading

I Am an Engineer, Not a Truck Driver

By Aseel Baidoun LAU Tribune staff One year after graduating from LAU as a mechanical engineer, the only job offer Tareq Kasim received was that of a truck driver. A Palestinian refugee who graduated in spring 2011, Tarek Kasim, is still unemployed even though he applied for positions at dozens of engineering companies around Lebanon. … Continue reading

Autistic Children Find Love at LES

By Caroline Feghaly LAU Tribune staff As I sat in the classroom interviewing the shadow teacher, we heard Karim crying out loud as if he’s having a nervous breakdown. She rushed to him, held him, and successed in calming him down. Karim, 10, Peter and Tarek, 9, and Naji, 6, are four autistic students enrolled … Continue reading

Building goes up in flames after an explosion in Nairobi, Kenya

by Omar El Tani LAU Tribune staff One person was wounded and building went up in flames as the Kenyan Capital was rocked by a blast on Monday. The cause of the explosion is still unknown but a sequence of attacks in Mombasa and Nairobi are blamed on Somali activists and supporters. Television footage showed … Continue reading

Little Philippines in Hamra

By Iman Soufan LAU Tribune staff Walking up the narrow street, with a far-distanced view of a quaint church in the foreground, I was one of the few non-Asian women making their way towards the Catholic Church. The church is situated in Hamra, one of Beirut’s busiest areas. This small yet bustling side street is … Continue reading

One Ball Unites All

By Rouba Jaafar LAU Tribune staff “Home sweet home” is not always true, especially during football games. If you don’t believe me, just take a tour of Beirut’s coffee shops during a major football game. I myself toured some of Beirut’s coffee shops and interviewed some of their owners and managers. I also spoke to … Continue reading

The Walking Stars

By Farrah Berrou LAU Tribune contributor It’s typically said that one could drive all over Lebanon within the span of four hours. But what if one were to walk? Seeing that the country is the size of a geographical kumquat, two Norwegian adventurers, Matias and Jørgen, who met in Beirut, decided to walk from Lebanon’s … Continue reading

Saudi Ambassador to Egypt Returns After Protests

Saudi Arabia’s ambassador returned back to Egypt on Saturday after the embassy witnessed a number of recent protests over the diplomatic rift, reported The New York Times. After a week of attempted healing between the two countries, the ambassador, Ahmed Qattan, returned back to Cairo after it is feared that billions of dollars of aid … Continue reading

Capsules Containing Human Baby Flesh

by Caroline Feghaly LAU Tribune staff South Korea has detained thousands of smuggled drug capsules that contain powdered flesh of dead babies, yesterday. The Korea Customs Service said that the drug capsules were made in northeastern China. They refused to give out the names of the producers of these capsules and where the babies come … Continue reading

Kunhadi’s Pave on Safer Lebanese Roads

By Mayya Al Ogaily LAU Tribune staff Six years ago, on Easter morning and after a night out with friends, Hadi Gebrane drove back home in his friend’s father’s car. As he approached the old bridge on Dora, a motorcycle came out of nowhere, causing Gebrane to lose control of the vehicle. The car flipped … Continue reading

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