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Appreciate The Tribune’s Efforts

By Caroline Feghaly LAU Tribune staff I am one of the journalism students who produce and distribute our university’s newspaper, the LAU Tribune.  Some students whom I encountered while distributing the paper acted in a very disrespectful manner, which is why I am writing this piece. When one usually offers you something, whether free or … Continue reading

Zalfa Chehab: The Challenge of a Journalist

By Carla Hazarian LAU Tribune staff At first glance, you see a small and petite woman with a youthful look. But the more you talk to her, the more you realize you’re facing a strong personality, opinionated in her beliefs. Zalfa Chehab teaches broadcast journalism here at LAU. Chehab grew up in Lebanon during the … Continue reading

Nabelah A. Haraty: One of a Kind

By Zeina Shehayeb LAU Tribune staff “President Bush said once that he is ‘misunderestimated,’” Nabelah Haraty, English lecturer at LAU, said with a smile. Haraty believes that students remember examples of mistakes important figures make during their public speeches. “Mistakes happen even if you are the president of an important country,” Haraty added. “You should … Continue reading

Young Instructors Aim Big

By Layan Doueik LAU Tribune staff  It was the first day of the academic year. She entered the classroom casually like any other student. She wore tight trendy jeans, a grey and white v-neck shirt and a funky green scarf around her neck. Inconspicuously, she spread her books, papers and laptop on her desk, yearning … Continue reading

Brian Prescott-Decie: The Right of Nationality

Caroline Feghaly LAU Tribune staff He opened the door of his office and let me in with a wide smile. On his desk were piles of folders, occupying every inch of the table. From afar, he seems like a strict instructor, with a steady walk and penetrating blue eyes. But when you sit in his … Continue reading

Religious Students Juggle Academic and Religious Duties

By Assaad Hawwa LAU Tribune staff Although class was supposed to end five minutes earlier, the oral communication instructor continued his lecture about the importance of non-verbal communication. Rachelle Mikhael, a pharmacy student at LAU, looked at her watch with worried eyes. As soon as the instructor dismissed the class, she ran toward the LAU … Continue reading

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