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Some Instructors Encourage Students to Cheat

By Zahi Sahli LAU Tribune staff Said sits in an exam with a tissue paper on his knee. Every couple of minutes, he sneezes and uses it to wipe his nose. The instructor passes in front of his desk, asks about his health and pads him on the back. In reality though, Said is staging … Continue reading

Sony Corporation Sets Record Deficit

Sony Corp. registers its fourth consecutive annual loss, this time setting a record deficit of 457 billion yen ($5.7 billion). The majority of Sony’s loss is related to the corporation’s recent inability to rival other TV manufacturers including South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co. Sony also received a major blow after the 2011 Tsunami hit Japan, … Continue reading

120 Million-Dollar Work of Art Breaks World Record at Auction

“The Scream”, a pastel drawn in 1895 by Edvard Munch, has become the most expensive work of art ever sold at auction after it was bought for $119.92m (£74m). The winning bid, which was made by telephone, set the world record at Sotheby’s auction of Impressionist and modern art, helping raise total sales to $330.56m … Continue reading

Students Run Out of General Knowledge

By Zahi Sahli LAU Tribune staff As an LAU instructor spoke about King David’s journeys, only one student knew the narrative she was referring to. A few days later, the instructor referred to the story of Isaac, and the reaction was the same. In a region where pious traditions are prevalent, students’ unawareness of the … Continue reading

Satire: A (Very) Scientific Experiment

By Zahi Sahli LAU Tribune staff Note: This is a satirical piece dedicated to a (very) scientific professor who does not care about the sources of statistics. Are you troubled by your constant lack of sleep? Do you stay awake even as you count hundreds of living and slain sheep? According to so many statistics, … Continue reading

Recycling: An Environmental and Financial Benefit for Lebanon

By Zahi Sahli LAU Tribune staff A computer science student at the American University of Beirut, Ayman Bitar recycled his home’s garbage through a special program at the university. He took plastic bottles in bags and dumped them into the recycle bins at AUB. He had to carry bags full of empty plastic water bottles … Continue reading

‘Palestine 101’

By Zahi Sahli LAU Tribune staff There are approximately eight million Palestinian refugees around the world, Hazem Jamjoum, a Palestinian writer and researcher, said during a presentation about the history of Palestine on Nov. 23. The Palestinian scattered Diaspora continues to be the largest and longest-standing refugee issue in the world as Israel proceeds with … Continue reading

Major Step For Arabic

By Zahi Sahli LAU Tribune staff Vahid Behmardi, chair of the humanities department, revealed to the LAU Tribune that the Ministry of Education’s approval is the last stumbling block ahead of the announcement of new undergraduate Arabic and translation programs at LAU. The news comes after years of lobbying by Arabic instructors and enthusiasts at … Continue reading

Loading… Please Wait

By Zahi Sahli LAU Tribune contributor You might think that your computer has tilted until you realize that the stream bar is moving at a snail’s pace. You can blow your heart out, pray for divine intervention, smack your head fiercely and repeatedly on the keyboard or count dozens of sheep until the page eventually … Continue reading

Diverse Cultures Display Harmony at LAU

Zahi Sahli LAU Tribune contributor Delicious foods from Lebanese tabbouli to Jordanian msakhani and American cookies. An Armenian, red version of the tabbouli. Abayas, gelabiyas and tantours. And, in front of the American Club stand, nothing less than a Harley Davidson motorbike. Cultural clubs at LAU put in a colorful and engaging show on April … Continue reading

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