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Things That Make You Scream (Censored Version!)

By Ruba Haj Hassan Special to the LAU Tribune Have you ever had one of those days where everything that could possibly go wrong goes wrong and you end up having a nervous breakdown? (Or spontaneously burst into flames?) This is mostly due to a series of minor inconveniences that are a part of your … Continue reading

BlackBerry Bold: An Extra Brain at your Service

By Samia Buhulaiyem LAU Tribune staff Hani Kurdy, a businessman who recently purchased a BlackBerry Bold, stood in his bathroom, ready to shave and shower, when he received an important email from a business associate. “I immediately forwarded it to a third party while still in the bathroom,” he said. “This alone is profit and money. … Continue reading

Reaching for the Stars

By Nora Kamareddine LAU Tribune contributor   Have you ever dreamt of going to space? Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin, has made this dream come true. A 209-million-dollar project that had its early beginnings in the year 2004 is now approaching the end phase. If everything progresses as desired, starting late 2012, commercial flights … Continue reading

From ‘Punch Card Readers’ to Smart Rooms

By Eleena Korban, LAU Tribune staff. Back in 1978, LAU students had to take punch card readers to the American University of Beirut in the evening to use a computer. Since then, our cam- pus has come a long way. “Today, LAU is a leader in the use of IT in Lebanon,” Roy Majdalani, vice president of … Continue reading

Of Tablets and Laptops

By Zahi Sahli, LAU Tribune contributor. The fact that 82 percent of tech geeks primarily use their tab- lets at home underlines the significance of this device as a revolutionary modern invention. According to a March 2011 survey by Google’s AdMob, tablets have entirely dominated the technological market since the release of the Apple’s iPad. This information … Continue reading

100 Years of Technology

By Diana Bashoura LAU Tribune staff A rare collection of antique gadgets and machinery was recently on display at the ground floor of the Riyad Nassar library. The personal collection, belonging to engineer and MIS instructor Ali Hijazi, exemplified the evolution of technology during the last century. The display illustrated a timeline of technological advancements consisted … Continue reading

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