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A Woman’s Necessity for Education

By English course students Special to the LAU Tribune Paradise Lost is an op-ed piece T. Hekker wrote for the New York Times in the 70s on the satisfaction of being a full-time housewife in the new age of liberated woman. She also lectured on the rewards of homemaking and the duties of a housewife. … Continue reading

Khaled El Habr Sings on Labor Day in UNESCO

Khaled El Habr and his band held a concert in UNESCO Palace on May 1 in commemoration of Labor Day. Hundreds sang along El Habr, whose songs deal with the sufferings and hope of laborers, in front of hundreds. El Habr surprised the crowd when he introduced his friend, actor Abbas Chahine, on two occasions … Continue reading

120 Million-Dollar Work of Art Breaks World Record at Auction

“The Scream”, a pastel drawn in 1895 by Edvard Munch, has become the most expensive work of art ever sold at auction after it was bought for $119.92m (£74m). The winning bid, which was made by telephone, set the world record at Sotheby’s auction of Impressionist and modern art, helping raise total sales to $330.56m … Continue reading

Weddings, Outfits and Summer

By Mohammad Al Oraybi LAU Tribune staff Stephanie Lahoud walks into the dining room yawning in the early morning, only to find a wedding invitation card placed by her orange juice. Of course, summer has begun and the wedding invitations started rolling in. Just like other girls, Lahoud starts to panic. “I need the perfect … Continue reading

Cafe Younes: A Bohemian Spin on a Hamra Classic

By Omar El-Tani LAU Tribune staff It was a sunny day but a cool breeze leveled the heat. People chirped, while music played softly in the background. Bohemians swarmed the shop, blending in with the conventional types. Situated in Hamra near Commodore Hotel, Café Younès is a coffee shop usually associated with intellectuals, artists and … Continue reading

Solarium: Not So Hot After All

By Samia Buhulaiyem LAU Tribune staff Jinan Ouseily is a regular visitor of a spa where she gets –or rather keeps– her skin tanned. Her husband fears that her consistent solarium sessions may cause skin cancer. But she says his preference for tanned skin is a key behind her visits to the spa. Though tanning … Continue reading


By Francesco Laurenti LAU Tribune staff According to theories based on ancient Mayan predictions and cosmic events, the end of the world is near –December 21, 2012. Is humanity meeting its end less than 250 days from now? Some celebrities believe that the world will end in December this year. These include actors Woody Harrelson … Continue reading

Suitcases of Memory Review

By Farah Al Saati LAU Tribune staff The smell of deep fried potato, sound of Pepsi bottles being opened, and Unica chocolate bars remind Ehab Allam of his family. He’s a Lebanese child who lost his parents during the Lebanese Civil War. Allam is the main character in Charbel Kattan’s new novel, Suitcases of Memory. … Continue reading

Satire: A (Very) Scientific Experiment

By Zahi Sahli LAU Tribune staff Note: This is a satirical piece dedicated to a (very) scientific professor who does not care about the sources of statistics. Are you troubled by your constant lack of sleep? Do you stay awake even as you count hundreds of living and slain sheep? According to so many statistics, … Continue reading

Legal Threat to Internet

By Jawad Itani  Special to the LAU Tribune Is there something that can eliminate the capability to download songs on the internet? Is there something that can send someone to jail for a simple reason such as sharing a song on the internet?Is there something that can weaken small companies trying to grow? Is there something … Continue reading

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