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Wled El Balad: A Revolution through the Beat

By Sahar Moukaddem LAU Tribune staff When you listen to their music, you don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Organized by four university students, “Wled El Balad” is one of the few Middle Eastern bands that play a distinct hybrid of rock with Arabic lyrics. The band’s members, Mohamad Hodeib, Saad Malaeb, Mahmoud … Continue reading

Attendance Policy: A Nightmare at LAU

By Mounawar Abbouchi LAU Tribune contributor “There’s no attendance today?” cried a student in dismay, noticing that the instructor is starting the class without taking out the attendance sheet. The look of annoyance and disappointment on the student’s face said it all: “What was the point of coming to class?” LAU has what some would … Continue reading

LAU become a Non-Smoking Campus?

By Eleena Korban LAU Tribune staff “Smoking in all LAU buildings is strictly PROHIBITED,” says the Student Life section of LAU’s website.  A professor walks out of class on the third floor of Nicol and gets a whiff of smoke. On the stairway, Ranim Hadid, journalism major, is calmly smoking her cigarette between classes. “I … Continue reading

Flushed Out: The Life of a Dorm Girl

By Caroline Hodroj LAU Tribune staff A 20 year-old-female student dressed in a pink pajama hides a tissue roll under her armpit as she tiptoes through the Orme-Gray residence hallway to answer nature’s call.  As she opens the bathroom door she stands in utter shock and disgust at the foul smell that creeps into her … Continue reading

Once Upon a Time…

Lea Giusti LAU Tribune staff “Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do; once or twice she had peeped into the book her sister was reading, but it had no pictures or conversations in it, ‘and what is the use of a … Continue reading

Put Down your Blackberry for a Minute and Read This

Mohamad Yahia Hamade LAU Tribune staff We take life for granted. We talk about killing time while doing unproductive things for fun, as time slowly catches up on us. Years pass by and we barely notice anymore. It’s a new decade, and not much has changed –except for the rifts between people getting wider. We’ve … Continue reading

A Statement of Faith, a Statement of Fashion

By Tala El-Riz LAU Tribune staff It’s dark, perfectly shaped, and it gives him a sharp edge to his look. He says he can’t go on without it for it completes his physical appearance. Hady H., a computer science major at LAU, explained why the beard is essential to him. “The beard according to me … Continue reading

To Campus in a Cab

By Sahar Moukaddem LAU Tribune staff “Ya hawa ruh w ello.. Ello keer shtaatello,” the voice coming out of the radio speaker sings. Playing loud romantic Arabic songs, nagging about politics and the rising living costs, or interfering in your personal relationships, taxi drivers in Beirut make your ride an adventure. “They take long roads … Continue reading

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