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Environmental Indifference Is Institutionalized

By Derek Bouse Special to the LAU Tribune Recently the city of New York revealed its lack of sophistication when it played host to a gathering convened to discuss a topic for which we have no time here in Lebanon: wildlife films (  On hand was an academic with a book on the subject (a … Continue reading

Do You Know What Bipolar Disorder Is?

By Anita Nasrallah LAU Tribune contributor You may notice one day that your friend is acting “weird.” He or she may move from hyperactivity and excessive talking to a sudden depressive mood with little interaction with the outside world. What if it’s a case of bipolar disorder? Do take it seriously. Bipolar affective disorder is … Continue reading

Khader Samer: Unlucky Winner

By Lyn Abu-Seraj LAU Tribune staff Always dressed casually, usually in jeans and shirt, Khader Samer is calm and serious. The civil engineer student who won the Tribune draw, explains that he “did not even know that there was a prize or a draw” when he liked the Tribune’s page. During our event few weeks … Continue reading

Sanayeh: Tranquility Within Beirut’s Chaos

By Iman Soufan LAU Tribune staff As Samia, Laila and Zubaida sit on a bench shaded by the large trees, they re-live the memories they once shared as children. “We come here everyday, together. Our neighbors do too,” Samia said. “We always used to come here when we were younger, almost everyday.” “Over fifty years … Continue reading

I Am an Engineer, Not a Truck Driver

By Aseel Baidoun LAU Tribune staff One year after graduating from LAU as a mechanical engineer, the only job offer Tareq Kasim received was that of a truck driver. A Palestinian refugee who graduated in spring 2011, Tarek Kasim, is still unemployed even though he applied for positions at dozens of engineering companies around Lebanon. … Continue reading

The Hunt for a Man Leaves Women Too Low

By Mohamad Al-Oraybi LAU Tribune staff They say there are seven women for every man in Lebanon. And there is probably one gay man in every group of ten men. That leaves every 70 women with 9 single men. The number is scary and the competition is even scarier. In a country like Lebanon where … Continue reading

Some Instructors Encourage Students to Cheat

By Zahi Sahli LAU Tribune staff Said sits in an exam with a tissue paper on his knee. Every couple of minutes, he sneezes and uses it to wipe his nose. The instructor passes in front of his desk, asks about his health and pads him on the back. In reality though, Said is staging … Continue reading

LAU Nursing Students Make a Difference as They Study

By Carla Hazarian  LAU Tribune staff  As he walks up to the patient’s bed, Samuel Joseph Maljian greets her with a smiling hello. The patient, who is an older woman, reciprocates with a smile; she has recently been diagnosed with hypertension. With a pamphlet of papers in his hand he stands at her side and asks her a series of questions to ensure all is well. He appears sensitive to … Continue reading

“Whatever You See Affects You”

By Layan Doueik LAU Tribune staff Sitting in my Media Law and Ethics class, I was shocked to watch the video of the so-called “King of Kings” Mo’ammar Gaddafi being kicked, humiliated and gradually murdered at the hands of Libyan rebels. No matter how hard I try to describe the disturbing images using text, watching … Continue reading

How Will the Euro Cup Unfold?

By Rouba Jaafar LAU Tribune staff  This summer hides surprises for football lovers as the Euro Cup, to be held in Poland and Ukraine, starts on June 8. Fans wait eagerly for this season and predictions fly everywhere about who will win and who will not. Although Poland is hosting the game this year, its … Continue reading

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