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Makdessi Mayhem

By Natalia Elmani LAU Tribune staff With broken beer bottles, small bands conjoining on the side street corners, splattered remains from too much to drink and the occasional weekend fight, Makdessi street in Hamra is making a name for itself. Famous for its increasing growth in pubs and lounges, it is also well-known now for … Continue reading

Don’t Do the Duck Face!

By Farah Al Saati LAU Tribune staff Few weeks ago, I was attending the Social Media conference at the American University of Beirut when Malek Teffaha, an AUB student, presented a standup comedy to energize the audience. He was hilarious! One thing he said in particular made my day and convinced me that I’m not … Continue reading

High Ranks Still Belong to Men

By Iman Soufan LAU Tribune staff In fall 2010, the number of full-time male faculty was listed as 165 and females are 118. But what seems like an encouraging statistic becomes more disappointing with further scrutiny. The number of professors may be broken down by rank, with six categories ranging with assistant instructor as the … Continue reading

Master’s Deficiency

By Zeina Shehayeb LAU Tribune staff The match began and the ball passed from one player to another when I asked about the reasons behind the few graduate degrees offered at LAU. Two sources from the university’s upper administration blamed the departments for not sending a proposal to found more graduate programs while chairpersons blamed … Continue reading


By Chris Melone LAU Tribune contributor The media studies program at the American University of Beirut hosted the Arab-US Association of Communication Educators’ conference during the weekend of Oct. 28. Scholars and media professionals gathered for three days to discuss the increasingly important role of social media in political activism, especially in the Arab world. … Continue reading

Disagreement about the LAU/AUB Agreement

By Zeina Shehayeb LAU Tribune staff   “A change of environment is always healthy and beneficial and the second chance to do things better is an open highway,” a student at the American University of Beirut wrote. His comment came in response to an email AUB sent, asking students about their reaction to the LAU-AUB … Continue reading

From ‘Punch Card Readers’ to Smart Rooms

By Eleena Korban, LAU Tribune staff. Back in 1978, LAU students had to take punch card readers to the American University of Beirut in the evening to use a computer. Since then, our cam- pus has come a long way. “Today, LAU is a leader in the use of IT in Lebanon,” Roy Majdalani, vice president of … Continue reading

Engineering Schools Do Not Stress on Seismic Building

By Diana Bachoura LAU Tribune staff “Earthquakes don’t kill people,” John Mutter, a seismologist and disaster expert at Columbia University’s Earth Institute, says. “Bad buildings kill them.” Haiti had some of the worst buildings in the world. Safety codes are acknowledged there but, in a country ranked as the 10th most corrupt in the world, … Continue reading

Green Architecture Spreads from AUB

By Mohamad Yahia Hamade LAU Tribune staff Edouard François graced the full-house at the Charles Hostler Student Center Auditorium with his ideas on the relationship of landscape and conserving history. He advised future architects to see the building in relation with the landscape. An important factor for that is to have the building “invisible” while … Continue reading

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