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Legal Threat to Internet

By Jawad Itani  Special to the LAU Tribune Is there something that can eliminate the capability to download songs on the internet? Is there something that can send someone to jail for a simple reason such as sharing a song on the internet?Is there something that can weaken small companies trying to grow? Is there something … Continue reading

DnB: Misunderstood

By Nora Kamareddine LAU Tribune contributor Walking on the sidewalk beneath the Broadway Center in Hamra, you see some familiar faces among small groups of people. Inside the elevator, you begin the swift ascend to the 10th floor. As you go up, you slowly start to hear the familiar loud beats. And, when you enter … Continue reading

Rola Hamadeh Living Her Dream

By Caroline Feghaly LAU Tribune staff I sat in the backstage of the Gulbenkian theatre in the Fine Arts building with the cast members of this fall’s major production. They were waiting for her to arrive. Around 30 minutes later, the backstage door opened and  a tall woman with a slim figure entered, a wide … Continue reading

To Sing for a Cause

By Farah Al Saati LAU Tribune staff May Nasr graduated from LAU as a social worker. Today, she is also a singer. As a child, Nasr’s dream was always to sing on a stage, playing a guitar. She never truly believed this dream would come true.  1.      Who supported you in the music field?  The … Continue reading

“Beats,” More Like “دقات”

By Eleena Korban LAU Tribune staff The first ever LAU music club performance, “Beats,” rocked the campus on Friday March 4 with the help of LAU’s event planning club. The concert is attributed to the new and innovative music club president, Wael Tarabay. What differentiated this concert from previous music club performances, which usually occurred … Continue reading

An Exotic Sound of Music on Campus

By Lama Al-Haqhaq LAU Tribune staff Amine Ikbal, a business marketing student, is originally Lebanese but he grew up in Kuwait. Returning to his native country to study, he brought back with him a taste of international culture. “I think I listen to more Kuwaiti music than my Kuwaiti friends do,” Ikbal said, laughing. Many … Continue reading

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