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Things That Make You Scream (Censored Version!)

By Ruba Haj Hassan Special to the LAU Tribune Have you ever had one of those days where everything that could possibly go wrong goes wrong and you end up having a nervous breakdown? (Or spontaneously burst into flames?) This is mostly due to a series of minor inconveniences that are a part of your … Continue reading

A Love for the Drama

By Rouba Jaafar LAU Tribune staff Abu El-Zelof, Edward, Harold, Ghader and Majed are familiar names to those who have watched or heard the plays of Ziad Rahbani. But behind these characters is a bigger one called Ziad Abu Absi. Abu Absi is a man who made so many people laugh when he’s quite a … Continue reading

Anita Nassar: Going Beyond the Line of Duty

  By Caroline Hodroj LAU Tribune staff Inside Shannon Hall, and within the unassuming quar­ters of the Institute for Wom­en’s Studies in the Arab World, IWSAW assistant di­rector Anita Farah Nassar struggles to open an uncoop­erative door. She laughs at her situation and samples other keys. “What is the matter with this door?” she asks … Continue reading

“The People Want to Overthrow the Regime”

By Eleena Korban LAU Tribune staff “For sectarianism, exploitation, favoritism and corruption… a revolution!” protesters chanted. For four consecutive Sundays, the secular citizens of Lebanon marched through the streets of Lebanon, demanding the overthrow of Lebanon’s confessional regime. Assad Thebian, a social media consultant and secularist, nicely sums up the movement’s demands. “We want to … Continue reading

6000 Nurses out of Four Million People

Tala Osseiran LAU Tribune staff “It’s predicted that the nursing profession may disappear by 2020,” Rita Doumit, a nursing faculty member, said during the Nursing Day event at the LAU Beirut campus last March. Celebrating the universal “Nursing Day,” the Alice Ramez Chagoury School of Nursing invited high school students from around the country to … Continue reading

They Do Exist: People Who Are Not on Facebook

Reem Swaidan LAU Tribune staff I get too many emails, invitations and requests from Facebook. This is temporary, I’ll be back. I don’t feel safe on Facebook. I have another Facebook account. I spend too much time using Facebook. I don’t find Facebook useful. I have concerns about my privacy. I don’t understand how to … Continue reading

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