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Goodbye Tribune

Me and the rest of the senior’s last production took place last tuesday. That day will be forever remembered by all of us. The tribune was an experience we all learned from in the most unexpected ways. You go into this course thinking your going to be writing articles like in news writing, but no, its a lot more complex than that. … Continue reading


Unfortunately JW1 has come to an end and we have published our last tribune of the semester, fortunately we’ll be back! I can confidently say this class has benefited me in various ways (reporting, editing, writing, brainstorming and using InDesign); hands down it has been my favorite class I’ve taken at LAU thus far.. We’ll … Continue reading

Last Blog Post as a JW1 Student :(

Walking out of LAU at 12AM last thursday, I couldn’t help but wonder how many more of these nights I have left. It feels like just yesterday we were walking into the newsroom on the first day of the semester. One thing I’m really going to miss are our unforgettable Huddles (Editorial Meetings). 3 weeks … Continue reading

My Personal Experience as LAU Tribune staff – Layan Doueik

I am going to miss it. I am going to miss the stress of coming up with ideas and pitching them in class. I am going to miss the stress of writing, searching for experts, re-writing, panicking, and calling Dr. Yasmine zillion times. I am going to miss the “EDITING DAY” when all students… leave … Continue reading

My Experience – Natalia Elmani

At first, the idea of publishing a university newspaper every other week seemed overwhelming.  Yet, the excitement pushed aside the feeling of being overwhelmed and being able to inform students of events, problems and social issues that are happening both on and off campus is  definitely something LAU needs. Our class is so tightknit and … Continue reading

Personal Experience

For me, I think, the experience is different than the others in the Journalism workshop class. I am a working woman from a long time, but even though, working in this class is a new experience and it has a different taste. I am learning a lot from Yasmine Dabbous. The most important thing that I am … Continue reading

My Experience

As a senior whose about to graduate I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with on the Tribune. Believe it or not, the late editorial nights are becoming a more enjoyable experience than any late night I ever spent behind the gates of LAU. Yasmine, our advisor, our mentor, our friend, is more than just a … Continue reading

My Personal Experience So Far – Iman Soufan

The thought of putting an entire newspaper together freaked me out, using a foreign program (InDesign), staying in university till 10pm or 11pm wasn’t too comforting either; all in all, my initial feelings were opposite to what I feel now. I actually look forward to it all. As one of the editors for the ‘Culture … Continue reading

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