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A Woman’s Necessity for Education

By English course students Special to the LAU Tribune Paradise Lost is an op-ed piece T. Hekker wrote for the New York Times in the 70s on the satisfaction of being a full-time housewife in the new age of liberated woman. She also lectured on the rewards of homemaking and the duties of a housewife. … Continue reading

Lack of Reading on Campus

By Caroline Feghaly LAU Tribune staff While choosing their electives, some students ignore the fact that the Liberal Arts curriculum –the program with which LAU prides itself– is based on reading and critical thinking. They opt for courses that require no-to-little reading from the selected textbooks. A member of CopyHouse, who wished to remain anonymous, … Continue reading

Raghida Ibrahim: Full of Life

By Ranim Hadid LAU Tribune staff Five minutes before class starts, students are already seated and waiting to greet their teacher. Raghida Ibrahim walks into her classroom with her fiery red hair and a smile that stretches from ear to ear. She asks her students to fix their seating arrangement and it is done immediately. … Continue reading

We Need More Research Courses

By Zeina Shehayeb LAU Tribune staff Being asked to do a research paper about a certain topic is supposed to be something normal for a university student and a piece of cake for a senior one. For me, this request was like being asked to climb Mount Everest. I don’t recall doing any research during … Continue reading

Nabelah A. Haraty: One of a Kind

By Zeina Shehayeb LAU Tribune staff “President Bush said once that he is ‘misunderestimated,’” Nabelah Haraty, English lecturer at LAU, said with a smile. Haraty believes that students remember examples of mistakes important figures make during their public speeches. “Mistakes happen even if you are the president of an important country,” Haraty added. “You should … Continue reading

Disappointing Outcomes

Eleena Korban LAU Tribune staff There is something to be said when a person takes a course, passes it, moves on to the next level, and still did not learned anything. LAU graduates are traveling abroad, diploma in hand, yet completely clueless about writing an essay. Forgive me if I am generalizing. There are many … Continue reading

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