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Travelling: Cure for the Soul – Exercise for the Mind

Of the joys and healthy lifestyles, travelling stands proud and enamoring, fundamental in the midst of the list.

Accordingly, Its definitions in the English dictionary, travelling stands for a journey to distant places, an act where one moves from one place or point to another.

Sometimes a journey is physical and personal, such as the journey in one’s mind, or soul.

Personally, I find that travelling can help save us from the repetitive and tiresome life we are hooked upon with all the schedules, habits and responsibilities we abide to.

These habits and traditions, to which we are accustomed, and often obliged to, become an intrinsic part of our lives to a point where our minds, hearts and souls might benefit more from exploring more of our world, while taking time off for ourselves.

On my first journey abroad, I remember not knowing what to expect, afraid that I might end up in the wrong situations, meet the wrong people. I had all possible fears about what would happen.

I later learned that it was a normal reaction to change and aloneness in a place in which one doesn’t belong in.

Nonetheless, the experience of meeting new cultures, exploring new sceneries and landscapes, meeting new people and finding out about other ideas, attitudes and beliefs were much more overwhelming than the fear. That’s when travelling turned into a personal passion.

I felt that the process was one for the most rewarding experiences: it opened my mind to life, broadened my horizons, and expanded my beliefs almost acting as an open book of knowledge unfolding right in front of my eyes.

I believe that travelling is like a multi-purpose therapy. It’s the best thing people could do when they feel depressed at home, have nothing planned for the future, and are in need for something new- revolutionary.

When feeling depressed less than a year ago I felt a deep urge to take time for myself and travelled to India on my own.

Once there, I was forced to take a break from the past, adapt, learn and meet new people and traditions which in turn taught me more about myself, what I’m capable of, what my limits are and what I like and do not like.

At the inspiring discovery of new places, different architectures, and taste of new flavors, we are unconsciously growing, our souls more in tune with our self and our world.

These are just a few of the aspects that constitute the importance of travel.

One can argue that this is indeed possible also in one’s own country, for example while taking a trip to the countryside, or the mountains or simply an unvisited location.

However, though the feelings are similar, they are not identical. One can just look at the feeling of being anonymous in a city or land never visited before, just ready to be discovered; that is simply fantastic and special. 

This is why the feeling of travelling is a feeling of its own. It is hard to relate it with a feeling from another action, being intrinsically so powerful and engaging.

The things traveling teach are beautiful because you learn to trust in what you see rather than what you are told, especially in your own country.

It’s a chance to learn about life from your point of view and not the ones of others, our culture.

Experience is the best teacher in life, actively teaching us, unlike books, and the knowledge we gain is indeed a power we own, something that belongs to us. Travelling should be a way of life.


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One thought on “Travelling: Cure for the Soul – Exercise for the Mind

  1. That’s why I have the category “Voyages” on my blog 😉

    Posted by Me & Beirut | June 5, 2012, 7:11 pm

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