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The World’s Youngest Conductor at 14

Jose Angel Salazar may be the world’s youngest conductor at the age of 14 only.

The teen from Venezuela directs an orchestra of up to 80 musicians, most of whom are much older than Jose.

He was recently given the position at the Youth Orchestra of Nueva Esparta part of his countries orchestra system EL Sistema.

Salazar joined El Sistema aged eight; he came from family who had very little exposure to classical music or any formal music training.

He lived with his parents who are school teachers and his grandparents. They all have been by his side since the start of his musical journey.

“My father now talks to me about symphonies and variations, something he knew nothing about four years ago,” Salazar said.

The young conductor has been at his new post for just a week, but is still too young to earn a salary under Venezuelan law.

He plans to study music at university, but also intends to learn German to help him with the understanding of the classical standard.



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