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The Walking Stars

By Farrah Berrou

LAU Tribune contributor

It’s typically said that one could drive all over Lebanon within the span of four hours. But what if one were to walk?

Seeing that the country is the size of a geographical kumquat, two Norwegian adventurers, Matias and Jørgen, who met in Beirut, decided to walk from Lebanon’s northern tip to its southern border without a map or compass; they just went with the flow, getting help and advice from locals along the way.

The trip was transformed into a 14-episode documentary web series titled “Walk of Causes,” for each snippet featuring the two young men interacting with people and learning about a new cause to walk for.

Such causes include calling for the rights of domestic workers and freedom of press, opposing the use of cluster bombs and landmines,  and showing solidarity with the victims of the Armenian genocide.

The causes the two walkers tackled were suggested to them through their website or during interactions with people on their 18-day journey.

Sponsors for the causes joined the project so Matias and Jørgen were able to raise funds for the Lebanese Red Cross, the Bedouin Health Project and others.

Part of the donations went into creating the web series, thus spreading the word about the causes in question to more people. The episodes were shared via social media and reached countries as far as Canada, Brazil and the UK.

The episodes are labeled according to the cause(s) addressed. The videos can be found on the YouTube channel, walkingstars, as well as on the two young men’s blog,  And, of course, what is a web series without a Facebook page?

Photo by Farah Dabbous


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