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The First Driverless Car Is Granted to Google

In the state of Nevada, USA, driverless cars are soon to be a reality after the state’s approval of America’s first software-driven vehicles.

The first car that will self-drive on road, a modified Toyota Prius by Google, uses radar sensors, laser range finders to visualize obstacles and cars, and video cameras mounted on the roof.

“The vast majority of vehicle accidents are due to human error,” said California State Senator Alex Padilla, when he introduced the legislation.

Photo via Google

The car had been previously tested by Google’s engineers on the busy roads of California, including San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

According to Google’s engineers, the car covered 140,000 miles without accidents with a trained driver in the car ready to take control in case of hardware or software failure.

“Driverless vehicles are the cars of the future” says Bruce Breslow, director of Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

“Through the use of computers, sensors and other systems, an autonomous vehicle is capable of analyzing the driving environment more quickly and operating the vehicle more safely.”

Nevada changed its laws to allow self-driven cars in March. The long-term plan is to license members of the public to drive such cars.


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