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Khaled El Habr Sings on Labor Day in UNESCO

Khaled El Habr and his band held a concert in UNESCO Palace on May 1 in commemoration of Labor Day.

Hundreds sang along El Habr, whose songs deal with the sufferings and hope of laborers, in front of hundreds.

El Habr surprised the crowd when he introduced his friend, actor Abbas Chahine, on two occasions to sing with the band.

The concert began with the song “El Awwal Min Ayyar” (The First of May) and was followed up with many songs which made El Habr famous.

Among the songs he performed were “Ghinniyi ‘Atifiyyi” (A Romantic Song) and “Abana Allathi Fissama” (Our Father in the Sky).

Some of the crowd turned on their phone screens and waved with their devices in the air while others ignited their lighters as El Habr performed emotional songs such as  “Sindiani Hamra” (A Red Oak) and “A’id Ila Haifa” (Returning to Haifa).

The singer, composer and guitarist concluded his concert with fan-favorite “Shari’ El Hamra” (Hamra Street).

Alongside many other leftist artists like Marcel Khalife and Ziad Rahbani, El Habr emerged as one of the most popular singers during the Lebanese civil war.

El Habr cooperated with a wide range of artists such as Rahbani, who wrote the lyrics and music of the jazz-inspired single “Sobhi El Jeez”, a song that was also performed in the concert.


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